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Feb 7, 2012 12:20 PM

Best almond cake recipe - Whole Foods?

I'm searching for the best almond cake recipe. I really like the Whole Foods almond crunch cake, and this cake reminds me of an amaretto cake I had all the time in college (culprit of my freshman 15? I think so) from our student center grocery store. Which made me think... why have I been in love with this kind of cake for a decade and not done anything to replicate it???

So I'm looking for your best almond cake recipes! My college cake and the Whole Foods version have two layers of cake with a middle filling of some almond praline goodness, topped with delish icing. I'd love to make something very similar. But given that I probably just love almond/amaretto cakes in general, I'd appreciate any wonderful almond cake recipes, and I might just tweak them to to incorporate elements of crunch and icing. And maybe make them into cupcakes.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. one of these might work for you:

    otherwise you could start with a good basic almond cake recipe, bake up a few layers, and assemble your own creation with some sort of almond brittle/praline/crunch and your choice of buttercream or other frosting. David Lebovitz has a really great & simple cake recipe:

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      Mmm... that first one sounds delicious, as does the one on epicurious, although I'm not a chocolate fan. Might have to do some combo of both!

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          I have made this cake repeatedly and love it. I serve it with a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream.

      1. I'm going to be making this one for VD. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds so tasty!

        And then there is this one as well that sounds divine.

        1. This is a conundrum for me: should I use almond extract or almond oil or both?

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            i love almond oil in salad dressing, as a finishing oil, or even for a quick saute or stir-fry, but not for baking. the flavor isn't strong enough. i wouldn't use such an expensive oil in a recipe/preparation where the flavor will just get lost.

          2. Cake recipe on the inside of the solo almond paste can.... gently pull off paper and recipe is inside. awesome. easy. simple.