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AOC. Finally going. Still worth a visit??

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Hmmm. Not sure why bit decided to go to aoc this weekend. Its been around for a while. Just wondering if its still worth a visit.

If yes, any tips on the menu?


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  1. You may not have seen this recent CH review of AOC by unhockey: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8199... (it comes third in line after Bar Bouchon and Nosh)

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    1. If you are ok with bar seating vs. a table, I'd recommend the charcuterie bar.

      It does seems to have a much quieter vibe these days which trickles down to food quality and service. Still enjoyable, but the menu can have a few hiccups which is why I like sitting at the bar and being able to have easy conversation with whoever is working.

      Also great wine by the glass selections and flights.