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Feb 7, 2012 11:19 AM

One or Two dinners in Vancouver (plus coffee)

On short notice I'll be in Vancouver this Sunday and Monday evening. Looking for great food, not worried much about budget, and need a place where I can eat alone (ie no romantic hideaways)and dinner won't last three hours. Over a decade ago I had great meals at Bishop's and Tojo's. A fellow hound says Tojo's has gone way downhill, and Vij's now has must-eat status. Any thoughts?

Extra points for a coffee place downtown that makes a good latte, with well-textured milk.


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  1. There's a cozy little bar at Boneta where you can dine solo. L'abbatoir would be another good spot to go solo. Vij's is not a great solo spot.

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      I second L'abbatoir. Other good options are Chambar or La Quercia.

      For coffee check out Revolver if you are downtown/gastown. If you are closer to the east side check out Kafka's. Both places have lattes that will make you smile for weeks.

    2. IMHO The Alibi Room, Terra Cotta Modern Chinese, or Judas Goat Taberna, all in Gastown, are cozy for solo dining, without the romantic hideaway pretence:

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        Lotsa great Sushi joints all over downtown-all with.............wait for it.................. bars to eat @.