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Feb 7, 2012 11:00 AM

Mid-priced dinner in interesting/scenic area for European friends

Hi SF Hounds!
I need to make dinner plans with a couple friends visiting from Europe. Their request:

-mid-priced, or cheaper
-non-seafood options
-good view....waterfront or cityscape is always nice, but knowing those kinds of places are usually pricey, I think any place with some iconic and photographable scenery (like a cute block of Victorian houses, funky murals, etc) would work. likewise, a place that's not far from where we can just walk and take some pics of nice views would also be fine.

They didn't specify, but I wouldn't mind taking them somewhere that serves food they wouldn't easily get in Italian may not be as exciting as say Burmese or American.

Do you guys have any thoughts?


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  1. Slanted Door should work well for you....certainly meets your criteria for location and food, and I guess it qualifies as mid-priced. It is a multiple plate type restaurant, and the food is delicious, so you can easily get carried away and start ordering lots of food. You and your friends would enjoy it.

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      i heard it can definitely be mid-priced if you order conservatively - but it is a slippery slope! i'll see what my friends think and let you know where we end up :)

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        Town's End is on the Embarcadero. There are a few seats with somewhat of a view. Search the web to find info. At one time this site had that information but it is gone.

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          thanks for the suggestions everyone!

          in the end, they picked B Star Bar since they felt the menu was so interesting. though not as iconic as they originally asked for, they really did love the cute quaintness of the Richmond. they also enjoyed the food--there were 6 of us, each with entrees, 3 appetizers and 1 or 2 drinks per person and it totalled $34 including tax and tip. BIG WIN!

          afterward, i wanted to take them to Tonga Room - but they're closed on Tuesdays...they really wanted to check out Li Po Lounge as a backup - though not the first place i take friends, was a funky intro to Chinatown.

          i'll definitely try the other recommendations in the future :)

    2. was going to suggest La Costanera, then saw your report.