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Feb 7, 2012 10:12 AM

Heart Shaped Ravioli

I'm on a mission to find pink/red heart shaped ravioli for Valentine's Day. It's a running joke between my fiance and I, as neither of us are big Valentine's Day celebrators, yet we shared this dish on our first Valentine's date together 3 years ago (and it was delicious). I would love to surprise him with some pink pasta this year.

I did look into homemade ravioli recipes, but do not think I will be attempting that this year. Instead, I've found places online that will ship overnight for a pretty penny, but if there's somewhere in the Seattle area that makes or sells them that would be preferable. Any leads would be appreciated.


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  1. You might call the Ravioli station in Ballard. No idea if they actually do it, but they might. Otherwise, maybe make some? Ravioli is pretty easy.

    1. You can always buy sheets (ie at Delaurenti) and use a heart cookie cutter. You'd still have to make the filling, but at least you don't have to make the dough.

      1. Check with your local Costco. I'm in SF Bay Area and found Nuovo heart-shaped ravioli ( The 2 lb package contains both red and white hearts with a Italian four cheese blend (ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, aged asiago). Very festive for Valentine's Day.

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          I'm in the Bay Area too. Which Costco did you go to?

        2. I'm curious - did you find heart shaped ravioli in Seattle (or thereabouts)? I didn't find any pre-made, but your post inspired me to experiment with making enough large heart shaped ravioli for a dinner for two. I used a heart shaped mold (see photo) instead of a cookie cutter and a roasted butternut squash filling with a dab of ricotta in the center. I've never made ravioli, and it was kinda fun, but preparation time would definitely win first (or would that be last?) place in a s-l-o-w food contest.

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            Wow that looks delicious! I got lucky. I didn't find any premade and I fessed up my plan to my SO with the idea that maybe in the future, when my work schedule isn't so crazy, I could make them for him. Well, he surprised me and made some on his own! He did a beef filling with a homemade vodka sauce. He used a plastic heart shaped container (that held M&Ms) as the cutter. They ended up looking very cute and were quite tasty!

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            1. New Jersey is a rather long drive from Seattle.