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Feb 7, 2012 10:09 AM

Prime Italian - Standout dishes

I'll be there tonight - my first time - what should I get?

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  1. The pasta and Kobe meat ball is outrageous......definitely enough for two. Of course the steaks are great, same prime112. Veal and chicken parm... All portions are huge, you can definitely share the salads as well. Enjoy

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    1. re: Raisel

      I agree about portions being huge - which caused us problems a few times so we will never go back there! When we ordered and wanted to share most items, our server suggested more dishes but since we had gone there a number of times, we knew what we wanted. We had always ordered much too much and felt stuffed when we left so we made up our minds ahead of time that we would not do it again. As a result, the servers ended up ignoring us and we had VERY lousy service. This happened on three occasions. Now if you're wondering why we would subject ourselves to this three times, it's because two of us couldn't believe that this was the norm. The first time we chalked up to a bad night. The second time as it was a busy weekend in Miami. I didn't want to go back but did so because I was outnumbered. After the third time, we all decided - NEVER AGAIN!!

      1. re: earlie

        In my experience the servers have been good about getting you to order a little too much without going overboard. That being said, service can be highly variable at either Prime location.

        Specials are always great, meatballs are great, the salad is great (really), lasagna. I don't like the Parm because it's just too heavy with all the other food. I do love their Milanese.