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Feb 7, 2012 10:04 AM

where can I find all different types of flour ??

I'm looking to buy different flours to have on hand to make pasta from scratch and all kinds of pancakes.Like Tipo flour and rice flour,sweet potato flour,anything really.I want to experiment!!!Anyone have any tips?

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  1. If by Tipo flour you mean Tipo 00 flour. It's available at Milano along with semolina flour. For other types of flour Vrac Merci is a good source. They sell La Milanaise and Moulin Abénakis flours as well as flour in bulk which I suspect is from La Mlanaise. You can also get many types of flour from Bob's Red Mill. Loblaws organic section and P.A. both have a very good selection of Bob's Red Mill along with La Mlanaise and other brands. Health food stores are always a good bet for harder to find flours. Avril, Rachelle-Béry and the rest all carry a selection of flours. Aubut also has a good selection.

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      > Health food stores are always a good bet for harder to find flours

      Agree. In particular À Votre Santé (Sherbrooke W. & Vendome) has one of the best selections of specialty flours I've seen. Mondiana (Sherbrooke W. & Cavendish + other locations) also has an excellent selection.

    2. Thanks!I'm in really close to to sherbrooke and work next to JTM so i'll go check them out

      1. PA supermarket on Fort has a large selection of specialty flour, and also the IGA organic section might surprise you.