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Feb 7, 2012 09:49 AM

Separating pasteurized eggs

I have some pasteurized eggs that I use when I'm baking with my kids. I though I would attempt hollandaise sauce using those eggs -I've never made it before and I'm worried about the eggs cooking enough. But in the past it seems pasteurized eggs don't separate really well. Thoughts? Ideas?

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  1. I can't speak to separating pasteurized eggs as I don't use them. A quick internet search, however, suggests soaking them in a bowl of warm water before separating. If you're asking for thoughts on eggs cooking enough in a Hollandaise--if everyone is healthy (no immune disoreders), then there shouldn't be any problem using eggs in Hollandaise, salad dressing or the like. Presumably you won't be eating any of that daily nor by the bowlful.

    1. I must have separated pasturized eggs, because I remember having a heck of a time whipping the whites, but don't remember great difficulty separating them.

      1. I use pasteurized eggs all the time, and separate them with no problem (although I agree with Liz K that it can take a looooong time to whip the whites).