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Feb 7, 2012 09:03 AM

Simple Bistro, (619 Mt. Pleasant), update review

We had the $40 Prix Fix yesterday evening, and as on previous occasions, very pleased with everything that we had: - crispy frogs legs, – unusual and tasty, Mousse de foi, – great and a wonderful wine reduction to accompany it, steak frites, – fairly standard, and frites a bit soggy, shoulder of lamb, – strong lamb flavour, sticky toffee pudding – good combination of pudding and ice cream. There was also an excellent 2005 Bordeaux for under $50.

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full menus, hours and location:-

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  1. We also had the $40 Prix Fixe menu last night, and were really disappointed in the entire experience. This is surprising, given the almost universally positive reviews at ChowHound. The panko crusted frogs legs were soggy, with the bacon in the dressing almost inedible, but I can give that a pass as an "I made the wrong choice" issue. My partner's salad was nice, but over dressed; again, we're not too upset with the food at this point. But the scallops were underdone and very "fishy," and while the steak was perfectly done, it was completely tasteless. I've had better steak at the Tulip. Ultimately, I would call the food mediocre, and yes, maybe I got it on a bad night, made the wrong selections, etc. but it was certainly nothing to write home about.

    The worst aspect of the evening, however, was the service. With a mostly empty restaurant, we waited ages to order wine, waited ages to order our meals, and didn't hear a peep from the waiter in between the necessary interactions. No "How is your meal?" no pleasant descriptions of the specials - actually, it was more like - "look at our board for the specials" - no offer for pepper, etc. However, immediately after we finished dessert - boom, there's the bill.

    A shame, really, as we were looking to add Simple to our list of nearby go to restaurants. I'll stick with Zucca thanks.

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      I just posted about Simple Bistro and then read this. We went last night and the prix fixe was not on the menu (which I noticed only when we got the bill!). Weird. That was a nice feature. The food there is usually pretty good, I had the cervelle de veau (too big of a portion but interesting) and the rabbit and prunes was superb! But, I have to concur with you about the service. Last night was shocking. Simple Bistro has never let us down with service, but we have not been for a few months and it was all new wait staff (all female downstairs). Ages for drinks and bread to come, there was no description whatsoever of the specials (our girl read from the list word for word and I was following along on the board behind her!). We had to ask for a chiller for our wine, more cutlery, asked for the bill (twice) and waited at least 12 mins for the machine to come. Really sad as we used to like going there, but with the prix fixe gone and the less than spectacular service last night, it looks like we are on the hunt for a new place in the area! Will read here for suggestions...