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Feb 7, 2012 08:54 AM

Publican Question/Substitute

Hey guys, We're (2) gonna be in town for the weekend. So far we have a lunch reservation at Sable on Saturday, and we're thinking of getting to Goat & the Girl early for a bar app/drink (is this reasonable). We were also thinking of going to publican, but it is booked right through.

1) What is the wait/chance of getting a table for 2 at publican as a walk-in.

2) Are there similar, meat-centric restaurants that could be suggested?

We're also looking more generally for other good suggestions in that price range (8-17$ for starters; 18-30$ mains). Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. You might consider The Bristol, up in Bucktown. Not quite as meat-centric, but they do focus on interesting/offal-ish cuts of meat. I've invariably enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Price range fits as well, and they take reservations through Opentable:


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        That place looks interesting. I've read that they don't take reservations, will they give you a call if you're waiting or do they expect you to stick around at the bar/check in with them.

        Also, what is the story on the wait, if it is possible, at Publican?

      2. From my experience if you don't get to Girl & the Goat right when they open (4:30 I believe) it will be very hard to get a seat at the bar or in the lounge. Between Christmas and New Year's my boyfriend got there at 4:35 and barely got a lounge seat for the two of us - the bar was completely full.

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          yeah, we are going to be in the neighborhood, so we'll try to make it there before it opens. It'll feel kind of ridiculous, but I guess that is the length we'll have to go to!

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            If you don't get in, I have heard on another food board that Maude's Liquor Bar is very good! I am eager to try it out. It is close by so a worthy second option

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              Maude's is very solid; I'll second the recommendation. If you're a whiskey drinker, make sure to try the Whiskey Smash. It's the best I've had anywhere.

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              Might as well have a full dinner there if you get a seat!

              Then go have cocktails at The Aviary afterwards.

              Then second dinner at The Publican?

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                I don't know if my stomach or my wallet can afford double dinner, but maybe two light ones? I'll have to look into The Aviary.


          2. Hey guys, thanks for all your help! We ended up getting into Chicago late on Friday night and headed over to The Publican to see what was up. We arrived at 11:15 and they said the kitchen was closing at 1130, but it would be no problem. After we were seated there was no rush and it was as though it was at any other time. The food was excellent, we had the half charcuterie plate, rilletes, pork rinds and Suckling Pig, as well as a few excellent beers. The only complaint was the pig may have been a touch dry, but that could very well have been due to the late hour.

            We went to Sable for brunch the next morning and had a half order of Chicken and Waffles and the pigs in a blanket as well as a cocktail a piece, the price and portion of the food was great, the cocktails were more expensive than the dishes though, but they were nice drinks. I had the drunken angel.

            After we were shooting to get to Girl and the Goat at open, so we went to the Haymarket Pub, which is across the street and sampled some nice brews. We got to GATG at 420 and were the second group in the door and got our choice of bar seats (lounge was also open), it seemed as though seating was available till about 445 without reservations. It was a really nice meal and again it didn't seem as though the service was skimped at all from coming in early or sitting at the bar.

            We finished off the night by going to Revolution Brewing and The Whistler. Both nice ambience and good drinks. Awesome time, thanks for all the help!