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Feb 7, 2012 08:37 AM

Offset Bread Knife Recommendation

We have two standard bread knives, both with regular handles. My husband makes wonderful loaves of Italian bread with crunchy crusts that are harder to cut at the bottom so that's why I'm looking for an make that part of the job easier. If it had a wooden handle, that would be a bonus. Thanks.

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    I make Jim Lahey's breads and this knife has no problem with the crusts. You can find it online and at restaurant supply houses.

    1. While the Dexter SaniSafe is fine it is Dexter's least comfortable handle. Their V-lo, SofGrip, and DuoGlide lines smoke the SaniSafe on comfort.

      Here in their Traditional line is all you asked for and is made here in the USA.


        1. Lamson & Goodnow make one, in 7 and 10 inch lengths:

          I don't have this, but I have two other similar knives from Lamson with which I am quite happy.

          These are discontinued, so limited quantity available.

          1. Thanks for the recommendations. Looks like I'm going to have to start saving nickels, not just pennies.

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              Buy a Dick


              Personally, I wouldn't buy a really expensive bread knife. While it can be done, I don't see the point in sharpening a serrated blade. Just buy something cheap and replace it when it gets dull.