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Feb 7, 2012 08:00 AM

Best Lunch Picks - St. Lawrence Market

Who sells the best lunch goodies at St. Lawrence?

I know the peameal is fabulous at Carousel, I've recently read about Carniceros being good, the tempura shrimp downstairs are quite moreish, but am wondering if anyone has any new and inspiring suggestions. I need an alternate to the (mostly) slop on offer in the PATH. :)

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  1. Not new, but DAMN I love the bifana at the Churrasco there. Ask for it with the works and you'll get a juicy, spicy sandwich stacked with pork cutlet. I forget who originally recommended it, but I owe them a bouquet of flowers.

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    1. re: Googs

      I like the Chinese place in the basement next to Rube's, particularly on the rare occasions when they have Shanghai noodles. I usually get the wide noodles (or Shanghai if they have them) with either the eggplant or General Tso's chicken (or both :-). The pork dumplings and spring rolls are very good, too.

      I second the Churrasco's chicken sandwich (get extra hot sauce). I haven't tried the bifana yet - maybe next week.

      St Lawrence Pizza and Ice Cream next to Chris' Cheesemongers sells pasta dishes made with the wonderful fresh pasta they sell.

      You already know about Carousel's peameal on a bun.

      I also love the mousaka at Yianni's in the basement, though it's very rich. Their gyros can be good, although they are variable.

      Crepe It Up in the basement has a nice crepe with Nutella and bananas and/or ice cream.

      For dessert, Eve's Temptations at the foot of the basement stairs has wonderful Nanaimo bars that taste just like my mom's.

      Can you tell I'm there every Saturday morning for breakfast? :-)

    2. The chicken sandwich at the Churrasco is also very good, as are the egg custard tarts.

      Is the sprout place still there? They used to do a very nice sprout salad.


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      1. re: Dr. John

        I know people line-up for the chicken sandwich. It's pretty good. The biggest difference for me is that the chicken sandwich is premade and prewrapped thanks to its popularity. The bifana is made when I order it. Totally worth the short wait. Pair it with apple juice and I'm a happy gal.

      2. Buster's Cove (or something like that) right at the back -- awsome crab cake sandwich!

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        1. re: CocoaChanel

          I second Buster's Sea Cove (main floor, at the back). Big love for the grilled swordfish sandwich. SO GOOD!

        2. i'm a huge fan of Buster's Sea Cove. Most of the stuff there is quite good.

          I also have to say the Mushroom Pesto Pizza at the pizza place is great. I have to warn you that your breathe will stink for quite a while.

          It is pretty rare that I go to the market and get something I don't like.

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          1. re: Big_Shooter_28

            St . Lawrence Pizza for the pasta......basement for a veal and eggplant sandwich at moustachios. Great value and great food!

            1. re: franpelyk

              Wow! Thanks for all your input - I have some investigating to do - Cheers! :)

          2. There is also a Ukrainian place in the basement of the Market Building, I have tried several things from there and all very good (cabbage rolls, perogies, chicken schnitzel). They have hot food and pretty reasonable. One of my must dropy by spots when I go there.

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            1. re: HandPay

              probably this place - I am heading there today for some cabbage rolls I hope

              1. re: julesrules

                Naw, it's European Delight. Everything's good - latkes, schnitzel, pierogies, lasagna.
                Also bifana and natas, the pasta and the sauce upstairs, dill & lime hummus at Uncle George's downstairs, peameal and mustards at Kozlik's haha.