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Feb 7, 2012 06:08 AM

Colarusso's Farm Stand Reading : New Store opening soon

Calareso's farm stand on Route 28 in Reading is opening a new store should be open in mid March the building looks quite impressive . It has the same look as Wilson and Verrill farms building but the difference is that this is next to the highway and not a farm so hope they will have some quality products. Also Just Desserts from Wakefield will have a location inside.
Great to have a yet another produce/grocery option off of Rt 128.

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  1. Correct name is Calereso's . . .Colarusso's is the bakery on 28 in Stoneham :-)

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    1. re: phonelady

      It's actually Calareso's. I wonder if Harrow's is going with them, or what's going into their old space?

      1. re: Chris VR

        To the best of my knowledge; Harrow's is staying put - there is a rental sign on the property - I am usually at Calareso's 1 or 2X a month.

        1. re: Chris VR

          harrows is staying- harrows actually owns the space, so I am sure they want another tenant!

      2. I sometimes stop there- they always heve great corn in season, and great pizza dought, too. Wilson is my go to place- but I would love it if Calereso's was just as good, I live in Melrose and Caleresos is much closer!

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        1. re: macca

          I would love to see a better variety of stuff there . . .

          1. re: phonelady

            I agree- I am hoping they are like Wilsons. Some of there stuff is good- but a few weeks ago, I picked up some grapes, and they were not at all sweet. And they stopped carrying the monkey bread- which was really good!

            1. re: macca

              They stopped carrying the monkey bread because the supplier, Karen's Bakery in Lynnfield, closed recently.

          2. re: macca

            Especially with gasoline predicted to be over $4.30 locally by Memorial Day (due to tensions in the Persian Gulf...). Caleresos is on a circuit for my local-ish shopping; Wilson Farms is very much not.

            1. re: Karl S

              I shop every few weeks at Wilsons, and fill in with Calereso, and with the weekly farmers market in season. Yike! $4.30 a gallon. Glad I have a car that gets great milelage- I will need it for my yearly trek to the Outer Banks this summer. The gas was around that price when we went in July 2008. But I only have to stop once for gas, and get almost 40 mpg on long trips.

          3. Yet this will be a produce store and garden center. Not a farmstand but hope they will carry local products beside produce local milk and breads would be nice , which they have not done too much of in the past. Wilson's also has lots of out of season and imported produce too.
            They no longer carry the monkey bread due to Karen's bakery closed.

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            1. re: collie

              Love Calereso but haven't been there in over a month. Where exactly will the new store be located?

              1. re: BlueMagic

                Just southh of the current store- across from the gas station and the new restaurant that used to be Wayside Bazzar. It looks big- lots of greenhouses. I have only driven by it, and am not sure hwere the parking lot is, or how to access the new lot if driving north on rte 28.

                1. re: macca

                  Should be plenty of parking. The original area before demolition was huge. I talked with one of the employees a couple of months ago and parking was one of the main advantages for moving. Can't wait!

                  1. re: powerfulpierre

                    Parking in their current place is horrible. I always think I am going to be rear-ended as I back out of my parking space. Didn't mean to suggest there would not be ample parking- I just could not see how to access the lot on my "drive by".

                    1. re: macca

                      Great..thanks for the info. So still on 28..? Before Redstone plaza?
                      Too funny. I agree completely with the parking at the current location. It can tricky for sure!

                      1. re: BlueMagic

                        Still on 28, just before the 128 intersection, on the same side, only a couple of hundred yards south of the current store.

                        1. re: powerfulpierre

                          That's it- if you are driving south on 28- you cant miss it.

            2. Sign was up today - March 13 opening day in new building!

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              1. re: phonelady

                What was the sign up for? i am signed up to get their coupons in the mail- but i dont think that is what you are referring to, as I have not gotten anything in the mail for a while. TIA.

                1. re: macca

                  I think phonelady means an actual sign, put up outside the store.

                  1. re: macca

                    The sign was up on the doors at the current location telling folks about the move and last day of operation at that locale - I, too, am signed up for emails, etc. and did not receive that info nor is it on their website, I just happened to be there on Sat.

                    1. re: phonelady

                      DUH-- sorry. I read you original post incorrectly, and guess I had myself a blond moment ( I can say that, as I am blonde!{)

                2. Drove by yesterday. Doesn't even look CLOSE to opening.

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                  1. re: shaebones

                    Was in the current location yesterday, you can tell it's winding down. The current location will be open through Sunday 3/11....will be closed Monday 3/12.....and the NEW store opens Tuesday 3/13!!!