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Feb 6, 2012 08:21 PM

Unusual or Unique Restaurants in/around Oslo, Bergen, or Stavanger?

Oops, sorry, repost (Chowhound timed out the first time)

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  1. bergen: east side of the fjord--1/2 way up the hill -a 4 table restaurant --labeled as "italian"--young local chef--sensational ( he is invol ved witht the ice cream parlor in the museum--ask how to find him and get a reservation) prices are high by usa standards ( everywhere in bergen and oslo)

    oslo--the michelin starred restaurants are remarkable--old style french using northern water fish....oslo 75 years ago was a poor population with a wealthy core who demanded fine french---the tradition remains. it is derived from france when we first went not long after teh war

    bring lots of money