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Feb 6, 2012 08:07 PM

Unique or Unusual Restaurant in/around Copenhagen

Hello! DH and I will be travelling in Europe last week of May/first week of June (I'm posting this question specifically for each of the various cities we'll be visiting).

Can anyone suggest some unique or unusual restaurants in or around Copenhagen? You know, the kind of place that will actually be part of our story when we get home, not just fuel to keep us functional. For example, when we went to Toronto, we ate in one of those dine-in-the-dark restaurants, and when I was in Quebec I had dinner in the oldest house in Quebec City. I've tried Google but it seems many folks are confusing unusual with trendy or hard to get into or 5 Michelin stars or whatever. Food doesn't have to be a particular cuisine, or even a particular quality level (if there is a hot dog stand at the top of the Tower of London that would qualify!). Even a decent distance out of town would be worth it for the right place.

Thank you so much for your help!

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  1. Dark Waiter - Dining in the dark, often with blind waitstaff
    Teaterkælderen - Singing waitstaff
    Madeleines - Experimental dinner theater, with food as a center of performances
    Det Lille Apotek - One of the oldest restaurants in the world. Est.~1720
    Restaurant Ida Davidsen - 191 yo; choice of 250 'smørrebrød' open sandwiches
    Noma - No: 1 Restaurant in the World, 2011 as per 'Restaurant' magazine


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      Great recommendations, Unusual Restaurants!

      Of these, Rhibert, I would try Dark Waiter, Restaurant Ida Davidsen and noma (look past the starred ratings of this place and visit it for the story it tells).

      1. re: Unusual Restaurants

        Great suggestions! I had no idea the "blind restaurant' was in Copenhagen.

        I just booked a trip and will be in Copenhagen for May 9-13. Unfortunately, Noma was completely booked but this list offers some interesting alternatives :)

        1. re: cellophane_star

          Noma regularly releases some tables because of cancellations. They seem to do this around 9:30-10:00 AM local time. This is how we snagged a reservation in February. We were able to get the table about three weeks before the actual date of the reservation.


          1. re: Dr. John

            Noma is amazing, but as you've experienced difficult to get a table at.

            Cheaper alternatives to Noma and to get a taste of some of the same Nordic culinary ideas;

            They are all really good, but my favourite is Kadeau.

            1. re: Dr. John

              This morning, I put my name on the wait list at Noma for every possible time slot during our 4 day stay. Fingers crossed.

            2. re: cellophane_star

              Krogs Fiskerestaurant is the city's oldest fish restaurant, and it just got a cracking 5 star review in Politiken, the Danish newspaper: ( or google translate).

              Highly recommended.

            3. re: Unusual Restaurants

              Geranium keeps popping up in my searches, for the food and for the location itself.

              (has anyone been here? Worth it?)

              1. re: cellophane_star

                Geranium is one of the very best Copenhagen restaurants and an incredible dining experience. It's one of pricies places I've ever visited, even topping my Noma bill.

                1. re: onlydon

                  Good to know. I reserved a spot for lunch, which would cost less than dinner, but it's still not cheap with the Canadian dollar exchange! Dinner was already booked so if I don't get into Noma from the wait list at least I know Geranium won't disappoint.

            4. I'd add Restaurant Paustian as a backup in case you can't get into Noma. I enjoyed a fabulous dinner there.

              1. Try Spiseloppen in the bohemian neighborhood of Christiania. Not sure if it's still around but some friends visited it a couple of years ago and recommended it. It's very down to earth, so forget about high end dining here. It's great food in a cozy and hippieish neighborhood.