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Feb 6, 2012 08:06 PM

Unique or Unusual Restaurant in/around Amsterdam?

Hello! DH and I will be travelling in Europe last week of May/first week of June (I'm posting this question specifically for each of the various cities we'll be visiting).

Can anyone suggest some unique or unusual restaurants in or around Amsterdam? You know, the kind of place that will actually be part of our story when we get home, not just fuel to keep us functional. For example, when we went to Toronto, we ate in one of those dine-in-the-dark restaurants, and when I was in Quebec I had dinner in the oldest house in Quebec City. I've tried Google but it seems many folks are confusing unusual with trendy or hard to get into or 5 Michelin stars or whatever. Food doesn't have to be a particular cuisine, or even a particular quality level (if there is a hot dog stand at the top of the Tower of London that would qualify!). Even a decent distance out of town would be worth it for the right place.

Thank you so much for your help!

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  1. I'm just a tourist when it comes to Amsterdam, but I like to share my impressions of the food there. One unique eating experience is Febo. It's basically an automat. Plunk your coins in and out comes hot, tasty snack-type food. They are everywhere in the city, so pretty easy to find.

    Up by Centraal Station, there's the Sea Palace, a floating pagoda. The view is probably pretty unique.

    There are a lot of interesting cuisines in Amsterdam, especially Indonesian (rijsttafel is considered to be a "must-do" dining experience) and Surinamese.

    Some other interesting places I've heard of include:
    -Japanese Pancake World
    -Cafe-Restaurant Amsterdam - restaurant in the machine room of a pumping station
    -Pannekoekenhuis Upstairs - pancakes served in a small shop decorated with teapots
    -Latei - small cafe in a second-hand store

    There are several dinner canal cruises you can take (I'm not a fan of the canal cruise boats in general, but it certainly would be a unique dining experience).

    Also, there's an entire movement of guerilla cuisine/dining, but I know next to nothing about it. Sounds like it could be interesting though!

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      Thank you!

      I've read about the Febo thing, and I believe we'll have to try it at least for the novelty! I'm thinking a dinner cruise might be right up our alley, I appreciate the info! Definitely looking up Sea Palace too.

    2. Ctaste - Dining in the dark
      Fifteen - The staff are 'disadvantaged' youths
      De Kas - Restaurant - greenhouse, where dinner is harvested
      Pasta e Basta - Singing waitstaff
      Palazzo - Dinner show with acrobatics, comedy, etc.
      t Sluisje - 'Waitresses' are men in drag
      Supper Club - Retro-futuristic. Cross-dressing staff, mattresses, etc...
      Garlic Queen - Everything is made with garlic sometimes even ice cream
      Amsterdam - Inside former old sewage pump station. Take a seat next to boiler
      Xtracold IceBar - Made of Ice
      Bakerstreet - Airborne structure inside furniture mall