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Feb 6, 2012 07:29 PM

Cuernavaca and Taxco

I didn't find much searching for recommendations for these locations. Can I please get some recommendations? I would love to hear about any good Mexican eats, traditional or modern, not really looking for international. Anything from street/market food to high end.

Thanks for any help!


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  1. I don't have any recent experience, but here is an old item with Cuernavaca (and Tepoztlan) tips. Don't miss the Brady Museum in Cuernavaca; you can relax in the beautiful garden there with a drink and a snack.

    In Taxco, the best food experience didn't include food, but was an afternoon spent on the balcony at Berta's overlooking the main plaza with the name-sake cocktail.

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    1. The Villa Bejar - - does (or did) an outstanding breakfast buffet. The hotel itself is Moorish in style and architecture and seems a little incongruous, it's worth taking a stroll around the grounds, they're well maintained...or at least they were the last time I was there.

      They use the interior main patio for the buffet which is set up on tables scattered about the courtyard. The mornign we went there were multiple varieites of freshly squeezed or juiced fruits and vegetables, in assorted combos and striking colors. There were multiple varieites of dry and hot cereals, and multiple varieties of yogurt. The cut fruits were sweet and drop dead ripe (in January!!). They were paired with an equally enticing array of mini breakfast pastries.There were egg dishes, meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, hot dishes, cold dishes. There were display stations with a chef making eggs to order, or an omelet. Next to him was a young woman making quesadillas with at least 5 or 6 filling options.

      The weekday we were there, it was cool and quiet on the patio, but we were surrounded by the "see and be seen" business crowd eating power breakfasts. We could eat to our hearts content whatever we wanted and how ever much we wanted, all for about $180 pesos, which was more or less $15 then. It'll hold you most of the day if you make the most of it. The quality of the food was good to very good for most items (the juices were outstanding), better than I had expected for the sheer variety and scope or what was offered. We were the only non-locals in the place and the food had not been dumbed down for the tourist trade.

      This was several years ago and the Villa Bejar may not even be offering this buffet any more, the chefs may have changed and/or the price may have gone up. But it's definitely not a typical tourist stop and it might be worth checking it out to see if they still do it.

      1. In Cuernavaca, the old-line place to go is Las Mañanitas, at If you go for nothing more than a leisurely afternoon drink on the terrace, you'll feel like you've rolled back time to the 1940s--Cary Grant and Ava Gardner are about to stroll down the steps to join you. Sip your drink, nibble the complimentary botanas, and feed the strutting peacocks. At least one will eat right out of your hand; at least he did out of mine.

        It's worth it.


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          Agreed. Sunday brunch on the terrace at Las Mananitas is a worthwhile day trip from D.F. Cristina, I have heard very recent concerns about safety in Cuernavaca from a friend in D.F. What is your opinion?

          1. re: Veggo

            Veggo, the concerns are well warranted. Cuernavaca, like Acapulco, has been a center of narcoviolencia for the last couple of years--including recently, as your other DF friend reports.

            We are going to Tepoztlán in a few weeks and although we are thrilled for the reason (we're going to meet Chavela Vargas), we do have a few niggles of worry.


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              My the surprises that are hidden in these boards! Cristina, how about taking Chavela Vargas, I don't know, warm socks and chocolates? a murmur of gratitude? from another loooong time admirer?

          2. re: cristina

   love love this place.
            Las Grutas...had a fab luncheon before entering the caves...long time of the best.
            Is that still around?

            Taxco..had dinner (second level patio) across the way from the Church..great meal..back in the 80's...what's the name of the place..classic to the left facing the Church and side cobblestone street.

          3. In Taxco:

            Overall food is average in Taxco but here's the places I went to:

            Pozoleria Tia Calla. Good hearty pozole served in a spartan basement restaurant. Full of locals and soccer on the tv.

            La Casona. Good, cheap menu el dia. Sit out back on the balcony and order a Michelada.

            Cafe Punta del Cielo. Decent coffee right on the bustling main square.

            Hosteria Bar el Adobo. There are two tiny tables that have views down to the street. Be sure to grab one. Food was decent from what I remember.

            Sante Fe. Decent tostadas and mole.

            Del Convento. Go for rooftop breakfasts.

            Cafe Sasha. Decent breakfast. I had pancakes.

            1. Excellent advice, and very appreciated.

              And thanks for the safety warning RE Cuernavaca, I was not aware that this was an area of concern. Will be sure to stay somewhat on the tourist trail there.