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Jun 20, 2006 10:19 AM

Looking for BEST BBQ in LA (WeHo/Hollywood/mid-Wishire/Santa Monica/Venice/West LA/Bev Hills/Downtown)

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Please help!

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  1. Taking into consideration you perameters, may be go a little south and try Phillip, Woodys, Tasty Que all along Crenshaw. If that is to far south, try J&J Burger shack & BBQ on Adams 2 blocks east of Farifax. The areas you chose really do not have any Great BBQ, just average, IMHO.

    1. I like the pulled pork at Baby Blue on Lincoln in Venice just south of lower Santa Monica, though others on this board hate them and the prices are on the high side. I'm not a fan of their stringy brisket which is cooked and pulled much the same way.

      JR off La Cienega south of Washington has earned some positive reviews here. So has a place west of the 405 on Washington for good portions and value.

      The great majority of the postings diss Cecil's on Pico west of Centinela. The Pig and other WeHo places aren't mentioned anymore. And BBQ King on Sunset and Figueroa near downtown is an abomination -- slow service, high prices, and tough meat, though the burger or chicken can occasionally be good.

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        "So has a place west of the 405 on Washington for good portions and value."

        Are you talking about the Outdoor Grill?

      2. Group O'Hounds did a BBQ taste test. Granted, representation was limited, but... Woody's on Slauson came out #1 for pork ribs.

        I'm currently addicted to the Beef ribs at Baby Blues in Venice.

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        1. re: Sandra W.

          Where can we fine the results of this BBQ taste test?

          1. re: pdjy

            Question: Where can you find the results of the 2006 BBQ Taste Test?

            Answer: Search for the thread "BBQ Testing: The results are in" initiated by "Dorthy" on April 24, 2006. I hope the following link works:

            Try using Chowhound's "Search" function, it's easy and works well.

          2. re: Sandra W.

            2nd the Beef Ribs at Baby Blues in Venice. Warning: only get ONE! The thing looks like a steak hanging off a brontasaurus shinbone.

          3. Best pulled pork I have found is at PORKY'S on Manchester West of Prarie in Inglewood.

            Great Mac & Cheese. Very good Fries. Great Peach Cobbler.

            I liked the beef ribs too.

            1. Geographically, the best you can do is Zeke's at Target Center, Santa Monica & La Brea. Q wise, see above posts. To be avoided, Wood Ranch.