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Feb 6, 2012 06:59 PM

Where do you go for fried chicken in Foley/Gulf Shores?

As a northerner who rarely gets good fried chicken, I would love to find some during my week in Foley. Who has the best in the area? I'm afraid someone might say Lambert's - I don't really like the atmosphere of the throwed rolls, unfortunately. Anywhere else? TIA!

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  1. Try Danny's Fried Chicken in Robertsdale (worth the drive IMO)

    1. I live down here, and the best chicken I have had was at Doc's in Orange Geach. I tried the one in Gulf Shores, but it was not as good as the one in Orange Beach. It's located on Cannel Road where 182 (or what ever the highway is, all I lcan remember it is 18 something).

      1. While you are down here be sure to try Fish River Grill II in Foley. It’s located just north of Walgreens in Foley on the west side of Highway 59. Good food and good swamp soup.
        Also you need to eat at Kitty’s Kafe in the Pelican Park shopping center. It faces Target. Great for breakfast and lunch.

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          Thanks for the tips. Not sure if I'll make it to Robertsdale, as I would have to convince others, but I will definitely keep it in mind.
          Thanks for the suggestion of Doc's, we seem to traverse Orange Beach & Gulf Shores quite a bit, so that should be no problem.
          I plan on trying Kitty's for breakfast tomorrow.