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Feb 6, 2012 06:33 PM

Ousia Restaurant, Edmonton

Anybody been to the newish place on Whyte Ave. near 109th St.?

Tried to stop in for dinner a couple Fridays ago and they were full with a wait so we decided to make reservations for the next evening.

What a great surprise. My wife and I enjoyed every single course. The cuisine is Greek/Mediterranean but without falling into all the stereotypes. Totally different category than Koutouki or Yianni's. Way more modern and innovative.

Apps: fattoush salad and feta wrapped in phyllo and fried, drizzled with honey and nuts
Mains: my wife had duck, I had beef short ribs, both delicious
Desserts: some kind of mini fried dough fritters, dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkled with cinnamon, and a no-bake sour cherry cheesecake (mascarpone over a graham cracker base).

Total of 3 glasses of wine between us. The wine list is quite short and in all honesty not super interesting but the wine was good and fairly priced. Coffees at the end were also well priced at $2 for an espresso, which I always appreciate when I see some places charging up to $3.50 for them.

Our server was a pro. The room is small but tastefully lit. We're looking forward to our next visit!

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  1. Thanks for the info!
    I'll be back in my hometown this month, I'll give it a try!

    1. Wanted to revive this thread as I am trying Ousia out tomorrow night; really looking forward to it but was hoping a few more Chowhounds could weigh in on not-to-miss dishes! :) I'll report back after our evening, regardless.

        1. So we did have dinner here on Saturday evening. Our reservation was at 9pm. The venue is small but open. There was one other large-ish party of about 10 and a few ladies in another group having cocktails. Not at capacity, but enough other bodies to keep it interesting and a lively atmosphere.

          I had the baby beets salad with chevre and pomegranate molasses vinaigrette to start. Very tasty although small portion (as was the case with all the dishes). Eye pleasing presentation. Hubby had the lamb tongue, which he didn't much care for, although it may be that he just doesn't much care for tongue. We both did agree that the vessel on which it served could have been different. They were thin little wafer-cracker type things that tasted a bit mealy and the tongue kind of caused to become soggy. While we were waiting for our dishes, we were brought some complimentary olives. They were big and meaty but not the tasties ever - but still, a nice touch. No bread bowl.

          For mains, I had the fish of the day - halibut with israeli couscous and a fennel salad. Small but very tasty. Hubby had the quail on sweet potato nest with braisins and quail egg. Also very tasty and most worth the price of all the dishes ($24).

          The highlight of the meal was dessert - we shared the cheese board which came with lovely brittle, jam, fruit (quince if I remember correctly). I can't remember the cheeses though - this was after a couple of wines!

          As the original poster to this thread mentioned, the wine list was small but we were able to match to our meal nonetheless. Our waitress was also very sweet and charming.

          I would say that ousia is a nice addition to Edmonton's dining scene, particularly Whyte Ave, but I think there are other restaurants that I would rather try out/return to before returning to ousia. None of the dishes had that 'wow factor'.

          1. I had a great meal at Ousia last night. I loved everything we tried.

            For apps, we split to roasted tomato salad and lamb bocadillo. Both were really enjoyable. The tomato salad was straightforward, but so well done. The tomatoes actually tasted like tomatoes, so kudos to the local greenhouse they use, as tomatoes tasting like tomatoes seem hard to come by here, even during summer.

            For mains, I had the duck and he had the pork. Both were very well done, although the pork belly could have been rendered a tiny bit more.

            We split the cheeseboard for dessert, which has very tasty housemade brioche, with a perfect crust and soft inside.