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Feb 6, 2012 05:43 PM

Etching a Pyrex baking dish- good idea?

I came across this in a craft blog roundup. There is this problem of never getting your dish back at group functions like potlucks. One crafter came up with the idea of etching her last name on her pyrex dish:

Apart from the recent wave of 'my pyrex dish exploded', is etching such a material a good idea?

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  1. You can etch tempered glass if you do so very shallow. If you etch too deep, then you increase the chance that it will shatter.

    1. Hi, pdx:

      This is a good idea, and I think it will be completely safe. Most hobbyist etching solutions are not terrifically powerful anyway, so they will not penetrate deeply.


      1. Very good to know. Thanks to you both. (I doubt the original crafter gave it any thought)

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          Hi, again, pdx:

          Seriously, I etch all of my large-format wine bottles with a hobbyist solution (brand name escapes me right now), and with colored glass especially, you need to have the light/reflections *just right* to even see it. The instructions typically state to leave the acid on the glass for only 60 seconds.

          Here's an unsolicited suggestion... The re-useable rubberized stencils hold up better to longer etch times (the single-use, rub-ons deteriorate faster and often have hairline cracks that give sloppy results).

          This really is a good idea, especially given the increasing scarcity of "real" (non-exploding) Pyrex bakeware. I think I'll get my etch kit out tomorrow.