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Feb 6, 2012 05:19 PM

Cheap cuts in Montreal - Plateau

Hey all,

Since I moved to Montreal a month ago, I've been looking for an equivalent to Toronto's St. Lawrence market, which is to say a place where old-fashioned butchers break down whole carcasses, letting the laws of supply and demand work in my favour. I'm looking for stewing cuts and stock bones right now, but I'd be interested in experimenting with offal as well.

So far I've been to the Atwater and Jean-Talon markets, but both were selling premium cuts in suspiciously sterile environments (especially Atwater). Supermarkets also deal in the expensive (or overpriced) stuff, and I have yet to find a local butcher shop that has what I'm looking for.

For reference, at the St. Lawrence market, I was able to get a kilo of soup bones for a dollar, and I'd like to get my cheap cuts of meat for around 7$ a kilo (3-4$ a pound).

Any suggestions?

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  1. I seem to recall getting bone marrow pieces at Supermarché PA in the past, and Les Freres Sakaris has a lot of different inexpensive cuts. Marché Hawaii sells big bags of chicken bones for stock, about six per bag at a cheap price and probably has some offal too. Good luck!

    1. the arab butchers along the JTM perimeter breakdown carcasses and are the complete opposite of the permanent stalls inside of JTM proper. check out chez vito on st viateur. The other poster is right on, cheap cuts galore at PA - more so at the downtown location.

      1. Iasenza is where you want to go. They do everything on site and the prices are very good.

        P.A. is good too. As is Kim Phat on Jarry.

        1. I like Alim Pot - 20 rue Roy Est . They are one of the few butchers that cuts picanha! They also have cheap local and NZ lamb and I have seen a suckling pig being carried in, whole, so I am guessing they do whole carcasses!

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            Thanks guys, these all sound like great leads.

          2. At the Jean-talon market I buy my soup bones at about the same price.Theres 2 places,one is boucherie milan(its on the side street next to the parking lot and has a front door on Jean-Talon).For the offal you can check boucherie Mundial which is a spanish butcher on the street that starts the market.The italian place Capitol will even give me free veal bones when they have.Theres also a Tunesian butcher at JTM that sells all kinds of bones (I dont remember the name but its on the same side as the sushi shop).Basically you just cant go to the inside market cause prices are crazy