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Domino's new Parmesean Bread Bites...any good?

I recently saw Domino's ad for their new Parmesean Bread Bites. Though I'm not a fan of their pizzas, these bites actually look pretty good. And at a price of just $2.99 for 16 of them. I'm just wondering, has anyone tried these yet and are they worth a try? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Judging by the rest of Domino's menu, how good can they be?
    Still, at that price, it would certainly be worth giving them a try.

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      I have not had them. My impression of them from the commerical is that they look like "garlic knots" which is something a lot of pizza places make with their pizza dough, and cover them in parm cheese and garlic. Can anyone compare them to garlic knots?

    2. They came free with my pizza this week. They were ok, but I will never order them myself. Lack a lot of flavor.

      1. I haven't actually tried them, but they don't look exciting to me. Just hunks of bread? No thanks.

        I don't like thier pizza much, but I do like thier new stuffed cheesy breads. Especially the spinach and feta - very tasty! Don't expect a real greek treat or anything - it's chain pizza store cheesy bread. But much better than other chains. Be warned, though - they are REALLY cheesy!

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        1. re: Ditdah

          I am a little ashamed to admit that their new cheesy breads are super cheesy, greasy and delicious.

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            Agree. We had their special 2 medium 2 topping pizzas for 5.99@ plus 1.00 for 16 pieces of the cheesy, greasy breads. They were great with the mango/habanero dipping sauce.

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              And the greasy bits cost domino's five cents, so you made the chain another dollar. Can anyone compare them to garlic knots that you get at a good pizzeria?

              1. re: cwdonald

                I can compare them to Numero Uno's: aside from the shape, they are almost identical, except Domino's has that mango / habanero dipping sauce.

        2. I have had them twice, they are decent. Good amount of cheese, butter, and galic in the coating - cant go wrong with that combo.

          1. I've just never understood a side of bread with pizza. Even garlic knots served at the local pizzeria. Huh? I realize Domino's is limited to what they can serve due to the fact that they don't have a fully equipped kitchen. But bread with bread? Makes no sense at all.

            It's the same at Panera. Order the Pick Two with a half sandwich and half salad and one of your choices for a side is a piece of bread. Why would you want to eat a piece of bread when you are having a sandwich?

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              Because some people love bread?

              1. re: Dax

                Believe me, I love bread. But bread with a side of bread is overkill. It's nice to have something complimentary as a side. To each his own I guess. Fair enough.

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                  blasphemy! no such thing as too many carbs!

                  1. re: joe777cool

                    I never once said anything about carbs; look at my posts. My question is with the redundancy of food items. I feel the same way about a side of spinach served with a dinner salad. I like a variety in my starters, entrees and sides. That's all.

                    I absolutely love bread and eat it most every day.

                    1. re: ttoommyy

                      like you said - to each their own. I personally love a good garlic knot and the parmesan bites arent that bad at all. I wish Domino's had a better marinara dipping sauce, however.

                      1. re: joe777cool

                        You've got to try their mango-habanero dipping sauce if you haven't done so

                        1. re: mucho gordo

                          oh I have - its the best sauce I they have. Their chicken is only mediocre but that sauce kicks it up a few notches. I usually buy a few extra containers for my fridge! I am not a span of really spicy food so I usually have to alternate the MH sauce and a bbq, but the pain is worth the taste.

              2. re: ttoommyy

                Because some people have the Pick Two with soup and salad, so the bread side is welcome.

                1. re: pamf

                  You are so right pamf. I never order soup and salad so it never occurred to me. Mea culpa.

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                    And I like bread with pizza because I'm a big fat carb hog. So there you go.

                    1. re: Samalicious

                      I always thought that garlic knots started because there was left over dough and someone got the great idea to roll it in garlic and bake them.

                2. re: ttoommyy

                  Hahah! I'm LOL'ing at the Panera side comment. It's not just the pick two - they offer it as a side with thier sandwiches by themselves. - that's never made any sense to me!

                3. Diane,
                  So did you end up trying the Domino's Parmesan Bread Bites? If so, how were they?

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                    I did! They were okay, but not something I'll probably order again. A little on the greasy side, but definitely warm and garlicy. I'd rate them 7/10.

                  2. These are divine!!! Our local Domino's made the best ones ever (but sadly they closed). They were garlicy, buttery, light & fluffy and dipped in a little marinara they were just divine!! My opinion but I now have to drive to the next town to get them & they aren't as good as the guy who made them here.

                    1. I have not tried them but they seem like SSDP: same stuff, different presentation.