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Feb 6, 2012 03:42 PM

Good restaurants in Mattapan/Roxbury?

Mr. Swank and I are exploring different neighborhoods. I'm wondering if anyone has favorites in these areas besides Simco's. Type of food doesn't matter to us, but I'd like to expand our repertoire a bit. Thanks!

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  1. I was on river street in mattapan over the weekend and noticed some new Asian places up mattapan square. I am sorry to say I have not been. I do have someone I follow on twitter who will help. @franklinparkbos

    1. Check out Ali's Roti for some awesome Trinidadian food. Lenny's Bakery is also a favorite, for Jamaican food and baked goods.

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        Added bonus given the OP's question: Ali's Roti has locations in both Roxbury *and* Mattapan. I second this recommendation!

        Dave MP

      2. Bon Appetit, 1132 Blue Hill Av. We're lucky to have several good Haitian restaurants in the area, and this one is the best.

        1. Meringue on Blue Hill Ave. is nice. Cesaria not too far away on Bowdoin St. is good. And I've read about this Jamaican place:

          1. M&M Ribs (technically Dorchester, but close to Dudley Square)
            Pepper Pot

            I hear Flames is good, but I haven't been myself.