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Feb 6, 2012 02:27 PM

Iowa City to Chicago road trip

Is there anything to eat off I-80/I-88 between IC and Chicago? Maybe someplace in the quad cities? Preferably fast - good deli sandwiches or something like that would hit the spot, and easy to access off the freeway. We have tried the Machine Shed, but did not like it at all.

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  1. Look for an Arthur's Deli in either Moline or Rock Island if you are locked into a deli. The problem is that they are not located right off the Interstate if I recall correctly, but probably a few minutes into town. There is also a new Bier Stube off the LeClaire Exit [exit right before crossing the Mississippi River going into Illinois] that is a decent sit-down German/sandwich restaurant []. If you are in a hurry and want car food, there is a Shell Station off of the I-88 Prophetstown, Illinois exit that has above-average road food, especially sausage pizza that is homemade. It is located about fifteen minutes on I-88. After that, both the Rock Falls and Sterling exits have your classic chains with one exception. The Candlelight Inn is about a half mile off of the I-88/ Rock Falls exit. It is a decent sit down restaurant that you can dine in under 30 minutes and not have that chain restaurant feeling. The locals like it for something called chicken george.

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      Thanks! Bier Stube looks like the kind of place we'd like.