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Feb 6, 2012 01:58 PM

DC Area Food/Factory Outlets- Dreyer's?

In Cleveland, where I'm from, there are some fantastic real factory outlets- I don't mean like a Pepperidge Farm outlet at a mall, but an outlet at a manufacturing facility. For example, King Nut had a store where they'd sell seconds, large sacks of nuts, specialty products, etc. Or at the Stouffers/Nestle facility, right below the world's biggest freezer they have an outlet that sells seconds, commercial size packs, case loads and overstocks of hot pockets, Buttoni, Nestle and of course Stouffers.

So I understand Nestles has a huge Dreyer's/Edy's facility in Laurel, Maryland. Do they have an outlet? Are there any in the DC area? What are your favorites?

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