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Feb 6, 2012 01:21 PM

Returning to LV in March--Where else should I go?

I'm returning to LV next month. I've already booked Le Cirque, Sage, and Joel Robuchon. I'm hoping to get another reservation at e by Jose Andres, but in case they're booked, my big question is where else to go? I've been to Picasso, Michael Mina, Aureole, Okada, Guy Savoy and CUT. Probably will skip a steakhouse since I need to watch my cholesterol. Should I go to Scarpetta (I'm from NYC, but have not yet been to the NYC Scarpetta). I'm staying at the Bellagio, and want to stay on the Strip since I'm traveling solo without a car. Thanks for your recommendations!

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  1. Hi Ellen... love your posts. We have very similar dining itineraries... I have Sage, Le Cirque and Scarpetta. Thanks for all of your help with Le Cirque suggestions -- I'm switching it so we have more time there. I had a question: they don't show a prix fixed option online, just the pretheatre and degustation menus. Do they typically offer a three or four course prix fixe?

    Also, have you dined at Sage before? Could we comfortably do that in two hours before show? We are heading to Vegas tomorrow. Can report on Scarpetta when I return.

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      Thanks for your kind words.

      I just checked the Le Cirque menus at the Bellagio website. Seems that there is an "a la carte" menu in addition to the pre-theatre and the degustation menu. Everything looks wonderful, and I might have to have 2 dinners at Le Cirque! They used to offer a 3 course prix fixe in the past.

      Unfortunately I haven't dined at Sage before so I'm not sure as to the timing. You might want to call the restaurant directly and let them know you have tickets to a show and ask them as to whether you would have enough time.

      I look forward to your report.

      1. re: ellenost

        The Le Cirque pretheatre menu looks good also, and a steal at $68 a person. I might call Le Cirque also, because I think I read reviews recently where people have had a prix fixe meal, I can't imagine them not offering one.

        I know, I have been agonizing over how to arrange my three nights worth of meals, to include the Elton John show. I really want to hit those three places for dinner, but I don't want to feel like I'm scarfing my food. The signature menu at Sage looks wonderful also, I'm wondering if they'll sub the duck on one of the mains for my husband. And at Scarpetta, I really want to try the Polenta and mushrooms, short rib angolotti, spaghetti...

        And I want to hit Milos for lunch - It's supposed to be fantastic, and lunch is a great bargain at 20.12 for three courses. Have you looked at their menu?

        1. re: lorishea87

          I've read excellent things on this board about the $20.12 prix fixe at Milos. I'm not a big fan of theirs from their NYC restaurant. Too many business lunches there.

          The Polenta and mushrooms is one of Scott Conant's signature dishes from his days at L'Impero in NYC. My sister had it many years ago and loved it. I just made a reservation at Scarpetta for my last night and I think my menu will have the polenta, the duck and foie gras ravioli, and the spiced duck breast. Sounds very "yummy" to me.

          1. re: ellenost

            I'm not a big fan of duck personally, but my husband loves it. His only request for Vegas dining was duck and lobster. All three places look like they have a nice duck option for him.

            Yes, I understand why you'd pass on Milos, but I want to try the grilled octupus and sea bass.

            1. re: ellenost

              Ate at Scarpetta in Miami last month. The tasting menu had all those items and they were great. The foie gras ravioli was one of the best things I have ever tasted. Enjoy!

              1. re: sherriberry

                I think I may stick with Scarpetta and not bother with trying for the reservation at e by Jose Andres since I was there last year and haven't yet dined at Scarpetta.

                1. re: ellenost

                  Love Le Cirque for spiced duck breast, lobster rissotto, and short ribs. They also have the best souffles for dessert.

                  1. re: ellenost

                    I don't think you will regret your choice. Going by your prevoius posts, I have not had the opportunity to eat at as many wonderful places as you, but my meals at Le Cirque and Scarpetta rank among the top ones I have had the pleasure of experiencing.

                    1. re: sherriberry

                      Thanks for your thoughts. No regrets now.

                      1. re: ellenost

                        Just back !! All dinners were fabulous! Best bites of the trip:

                        Scarpetta: polenta & truffles, short rib angolotti, stromboli bread, citrus infused olive oil

                        Sage: beef tartare, chocolate pave with hazelnut crunch, pork loin. (hubby swooned over duck with fig)

                        Le Cirque: squid ink risotto (may be the best thing I've eaten ever!), potato emulsion with lobster chunks that was served with hubby's butter-poached lobster, chocolate souffle, rosemary-lemon rolls

                        Great trip!! You were right about Milos. Good solid food, but I don't feel the need to return. Octupus flavorful, but a bit tough. Sea bass amazing and tender, but quite a few bones still. Husband had lobster pasta and his lobster was overcooked and chewy.

                        1. re: lorishea87

                          Thanks a million for the great report! Sounds like you had a delicious trip! I'll definitely keep your post so I know what to order.

          2. re: lorishea87

            Can definitely eat at Sage in two hours.

          3. Had a delicious time in LV last week. Best dinners were at Le Cirque and Sage.

            Le Cirque: hadn't been there since 2009, but their General Manager welcomed me back as if I were royalty. Had the tasting menu, and all of the dishes were excellent. Loved the langoustine; the foie gras; the duck and especially the grand Marnier soufflé--among the finest that I've had anywhere! Chef Gregory Pugin came out twice (once to welcome me, and at the end of the dinner to see how I enjoyed my dinner). Service throughout the dinner was friendly and attentive. Will always return to Le Cirque.

            Bouchon (breakfast): even though I was staying at the Bellagio, and I took a nice walk over to the Venezia tower to have breakfast at Bouchon (definitely a destination spot for me for breakfast). Had my "usual" Breakfast Jardinière (two eggs any style, toasted brioche, tropical fruit salad, sautéed spinach, Lyonnaise potatoes, pastry, juice and Bouchon blend coffee). For $22, it's the best breakfast in LV. Service was very nice too.

            Joel Robuchon at the Mansion: this was my third visit, and my most expensive dinner of the trip. While I enjoyed dinner at Robuchon, I wasn't as "blown away" as I was last year. I had the 6 course dinner and two of the courses had $60 supplementary charges. Still adore the bread cart (no restaurant has a better one). Service was excellent. Three of my six courses underwhelmed me. The lobster, uni and fried rice that I swooned over last year had lobster that was somewhat overdone (dry); it was very flavorful though. The beef that was supposed to be similar to wagyu, although served med-rare was not able to be cut with the butter knife provided. After too many efforts, I finally asked for a steak knife which didn't help too much since there was too much gristle in the beef. Shame since what pieces of beef that I could eat had nice flavor. The pommes puree were their usual perfection! Loved the egg and caviar in the potato nest. The veal broth with veal ravioli, champignons and black truffle was very nice. The cheese course didn't have enough soft cow's milk cheeses (they had plenty last year though). The dessert was excellent: meringue sphere with apple sorbet and apple cubes. While not as magnificent as the Sphere du Sucre from last year, it was lovely. The bon-bon trolley always delights (although I was getting full). Love having the gold limo pick me up at the hotel and return me back to the hotel.

            Sage: first time at Sage, but will definitely return! Service was very friendly and attentive. I was seated in a lovely semi-private alcove, so I was able to take photos (non-flash) without disturbing anyone. Had the 6 course tasting menu, and was able to substitute a yummy cavatelli with ricotta, duck confit, swiss chard and pickled turnips for the rabbit dish listed on the menu. Loved their bacon roll! Started with a lovely hamachi with blood orange, radish and caviar—very light and refreshing. I finally had Sage’s most amazing signature dish: the foie gras brulee with brioche. This was the single best dish of the entire trip! This was followed by a lovely scallop dish in a cream based clam chowder. The scallop was wrapped with a slice of ham. The final savory was the beautiful beef belly that was the softest beef ever. The beef was accompanied by Brussels sprouts leaves. Dessert was perfect for me: passion fruit mousse with huckleberries, white chocolate/almond sponge cake.

            Scarpetta: although I live in NYC, I’ve never dined at Scarpetta (too out of the way), but with Scarpetta LV next door at The Cosmopolitan, I couldn’t resist since I had always wanted to try the restaurant. I was seated at (IMO) the best table in the restaurant with a perfect view of the Bellagio fountains. Service was very friendly. Didn’t want to eat too much since I was finally going to see Mystere later that evening, and was leaving LV early the next morning. I confined myself to only 3 courses. The Stromboli in the bread basket was as wonderful as everyone has claimed. My first course was the much heralded duck and foie gras ravioli with Marsala wine—lovely and great flavor. So glad I finally had this dish. My main course was the duck with endive and cippolini onions. While the duck was definitely soft, I have to admit that I’ve had better tasting duck preparations at other LV restaurants (Le Cirque and Robuchon). I had the nutella filled zeppoles for dessert, and the zeppoles were somewhat overdone (too dark) and there was too much nutella filling. I am glad that I finally tried Scarpetta, but it is not high on my list of restaurants to which I plan to return in the near future.

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            1. re: ellenost

              Sounds like you had some great food. Sage is one of my favorite restaurants in Vegas and you can't beat the price. I am dreaming of a Le Cirque souffle right now.

              Great report too!!!

              1. re: A5 KOBE

                That must've been a delicious trip! I am headed to LV as well next week and am debating between Le Cirque and Sage. I have yet to dine at either one and was wondering which restaurant you'd recommend?

                Thanks for the excellent reviews btw.

                1. re: endyyy

                  For more luxurious dining, my choice is Le Cirque. Sage is a wonderful restaurant and is my pick for a more relaxed/moderate-priced dinner. If you have the time for both, I'd highly recommend dining at both restaurants. When I return to LV, I plan at dining at both of them again.