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Feb 6, 2012 01:17 PM

Prague Help?

My husband and I and our two children (ages 5 and 7) will be traveling from London to Prague for my birthday weekend in March. We're meeting up with two of my American girlfriends and we will be running the Prague half marathon during our stay. We're very much into food and our kids are pretty adventurous, but a nine course tasting menu like Degustation is not in the cards. So, 'hounds where would you send us for a few good lunches and dinners? We'll be staying right by the Charles Bridge. Ideally places that takes bookings as we'll be a larger party. Lokal? The Golden Tiger? La Bella Canzone (as per Kukubura's post) for a good pre-race meal? Thanks for your help in planning a great weekend!

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  1. Golden Tiger is out with kids, I'm afraid. That will not fly, I'm sure. (maybe I'm wrong? Honestly, if you're kids are like I was when I was a kid and you could pull it off they'll be talking about it for the rest of their lives... But if could also be a disaster...)

    Lokal might be fun but definitely call ahead and check on the smoking situation. The food is awesome and if your kids are adventurous they'll love it.

    The courtyard at the Klasterni Pivovar would definitely be fun with the kids if the weather is nice. Plus you can then hike up Petrin Hill (but the Funicular might still be shut down as it was for us last March.

    And of course Wenceslas Square for sausages and fried cheese.

    La Bella Canzone was lovely but I'm not sure if its right for you. It's out of the way and the food is not Czech, so on a shorter trip it might not be worth it. And you won't need Italian for carboloading with all the knedlicky around...

    Loved Hospoda U Novaka, a little past the opera house. Same kind of pub atmosphere, great food, but much less chaotic than the more centrally located ones. Could be a good pick. Let us know how it goes!

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      Also, Czesky Kucyne will be great for the kids. Solid, old-fashioned food, kind of funny, overly complicated cafeteria-style ordering system, tasty desserts.

      Back to Tygra (which I spend altogether too much time thinking about) I wonder how it would go if you went right when they opened. You'd probably get to hang out for a while before they kick you out to make room for regulars. It's almost not the kids that are the problem so much as needing 6 seats.

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        Thanks so much for these suggestions - I'm going to be in Prague with my parents in a few weeks and Lokal or Hospoda U Novaka sound perfect!

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          Just a thank you - my parents and I thoroughly enjoyed Lokal, although I would definitely say that if you are a non-smoker you MUST be sure to reserve non-smoking. We exited through the smoking section and even the 10 seconds it took us to walk through were too much. The food was plentiful, traditional Czech - lots of pork, lots of sauerkraut. The fried cheese was by far the best thing we ordered - don't miss it!

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            We did miss that cheese! Dammit! Glad you enjoyed it. DId you go anywhere else?

      2. If your kids and friends like beef, Cestr is excellent. It's very relaxed, so I don't think kids would be a problem there.

        1. Lokal is great and they change their menu a bit every day. They also have an English language menu. They do have nonsmoking sections but I would call ahead for reservations as they book up at peak times. Actually, any of the Ambiente Group restaurants are a good bet. The Golden Tiger is tricky enough for tourists much less a larger party with children so I probably wouldn't try it. Check out the Expatscz website too. Brewsta does the restaurant reviews and it has good info for non Czech speakers.

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            Regarding Tygra (because I have such a fascination with it) it can't hurt to swing by and poke your head in. It's extremely centrally located so it's not like you'll be going out of your way only to be disappointed. Who knows, maybe the stars will align!

          2. Hi actarheel,

            I can indeed recommend Lokal, where half the seating is non-smoking.
            A real treasure where large parties are definitely a bonus for sharing various dishes is The Pind, an astonishingly authentic north-indian place. Must book though!
            Very fine as well is café Le Louvre, for simple food and very serious cake eating, if those are the carbs you run on.
            I have yet to find a decent italian and tend to avoid everything near Charles' bridge.

            1. You might want to give Sansho a shot.

              We had a meal there recently that ranked in perhaps the top 3 we've had in Prague. Very reasonable for what you get, IMO.

              Also, we like U Male Velryby for a couple glasses of wine and a nosh.

              Enjoy the run!