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Feb 6, 2012 01:09 PM

Moving Past the 'Cinnamon Challenge'

I see the 'cinnamon challenge' is making a new round in the news again, eg

(It's a big college & teen-fad involving 60-second intake of 1 tsp powdered cinnamon, posting results on YouTube etc...


I'm proposing that we turn this for good. Can the Cinnamon Challenge be a positive starting-board for nurturing culinary tastes in the inexperienced and young?

I'm picturing a run of similar contests for 'spice of the week' going up on YouTube, Facebook and so on. Could even be sponsored by McCormick, French's etc, or the foodblogs (Chow?).

We could announce the Oregano Challenge, the Basil Challenge, the Rosemary Challenge, the Sea Salt Challenge, the Garlic Salt Challenge, the Cumin Challenge, the Garam Masala Challenge, the Hidden Valley Ranch powder Challenge ... if we actually *organize* this, we can build up the spice-repertoire of middle America by 500% in a matter of *weeks* ...

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  1. Hehe, a teaspoon of salt would leave virtual chemical burns on the tongue :p But yes, start a fad of 'doing lines of spice' -- put little sprinkles of spices / herbs on parchment, tip onto friends' palates...

    I think my ancient low-quality bottle of cinnamon is no more potent than sawdust by now; perhaps I should finish it off with this "challenge."