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Feb 6, 2012 01:06 PM

Best places near the waterfront in Jersey City

I'm spending a bunch of time for work right near the waterfront in Jersey City (close to the Exchange Place PATH stop) and was wondering if anyone has any good chowish lunch and dinner suggestions.

I've done Milano's for lunch and was very pleased (love the sliced-to-order homemade mozzerella on all their sandwiches), had a decent Italian meal at Porto Leggero for dinner, and had some less-than-exciting Indian closer to the Newport PATH stop (was it called Raaz?).

Love all kinds of food, upmarket and downmarket, and not afraid to travel on the PATH (though I have no car), so I'd love to hear any of your favorites in the area. Thanks!

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    1. Not exactly the waterfront, but Maritime Parc in Liberty State Park is great and Hamilton Inn has good food, french onion soup dumplings.

      1. The Light Horse Tavern is a nice place to have some drinks and eat. Very nice inside.

        I haven't been here in a few years but it was always popular. The Iron Monkey.

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          Ditto on Light Horse, good food and service.

          but loud NO on iron monkey any more. Used to be good....