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Feb 6, 2012 12:36 PM

Bargain Brandy?

Anyone have any recommendations on good bargain-priced brandies? I'm gradually building a home bar and want to fill the brandy gap in my base liquor arsenal with this month's purchase from the rather meager "bar budget". Just to give you some idea about me, I know nothing about brandy though I'm a fairly knowledgeable and passionate Scotch and bourbon drinker. While I may discover I love sipping the stuff neat, the main point of the brandy will be for mixing cocktails. Anyone want to lob some ideas for some respectable (if not spectacular) brandies for less than $30 a fifth?

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  1. Landy VSOP is $29 locally. It's made by the folks who make Cognac Ferrand and uses grapes from Borderies instead of Grande Champagne. It's a nice tipple. Beware of the cognacs that say they are VSOP and sell for less than $20 - they are crap.
    I tend to avoid anything less than VSOP but the VS would be a little cheaper

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      Cool! Landy VSOP is on sale this month for $21.99 at the liquor store down the street. I've read some positive remarks on chowhound about Martel VS and St. Remy VSOP, obviously with the concessions that none of these are considered excellent, but for the price, are decent.

    2. If you are willing to try an American brandy, the Paul Masson VSOP at $13 or so is a pretty good choice.

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        I second the Masson Grande Amber VSOP, quite decent for the money. Also St Remy VSOP. I actually prefer both to some of the big name Cognac VSOPs such as Courvoisier and Hennessy, though I do like Remy Martin.

        Jacques cardin VSOP is also not bad, I have gotten it on sale for $25 and have seen it online for around $20.

      2. I recommend a German brandy called Asbach Uralt. It almost has a flavor profile closer to a heavy bodied bourbon and runs around $30 for a fifth.

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          Hmmm... As a bourbon man that does appeal to me, but I wonder how well it would work in brandy/cognac based cocktails. Sounds like it might be fairly close to a particularly soft, wheated bourbon like Old Weller, which I might add is quite a good bargain IMO. Looked for the Lndy today but they were sold out, so I'll probably give it a try when they get some more in. Anyone have any thoughts on Martel VS, which goes for around $26 in these parts?

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            My mother is a big cognac drinker and really enjoys the Asbach Uralt, but do note that she drinks her cognac straight (and not mixed in a cocktail).

        2. I like Presidente from Mexico. Beverages and More has it at $12 for a liter (club price). I drink it neat, by the way.

          1. We are partial to Spanish brandies which have a little extra richness from being aged in old sherry casks. In the sub-$30, we buy Pedro Domecq Fundador Solera Reserva for $17. It works great in drinks that have citrus or a lot of other flavors; do not be deterred by the price tag -- Spain is just less inflated for price as compared to other regions in Europe. For drinks where a Cognac is needed, Martell VS or Courvoisier VS both work great at the $25-30 price point.


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              I'll grant that Fundador and Asbach Uralt are perfectly fine for mixing in cocktails. There's also the Greek brandy Metaxas that would satisfice. However, for any neat drnking I maintain that you should stick to VSOP or better and, as I've indicated there are good VSOPs at under $30.