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Feb 6, 2012 12:15 PM

Miami Beach Cinco de Mayo

I am getting married at the Palms on May 4th and wanted to go out the following night for Cinco de Mayo with the small group of people that came down for our wedding.

Any suggestions for good food and drinks to celebrate with about 10 people? One or two couples will have a car and we will take a taxi if needed, if there are any good suggestions for a restaurant inland.


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  1. Rosa Mexicano is probably your best bet. assuming you are looking for a place that will celebrate it.

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    1. re: tpigeon

      We visited Rosa Mexicano over the weekend and it was fantastic. I had walked past it and failed to notice dozens of times.

    2. Mercadito in Midtown is probably doing something too and I think the food is better than Rosa Mexicano (even if I don't love it). The drinks are a lot better. Not a gigantic difference going across the causeway to Midtown vs. going to South Beach from the Palms.

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          ~2 miles vs. ~5 miles and they may have cars. I'd pay the extra cab fare to avoid having to eat at Rosa Mexicano (and I don't even really love Mercadito).

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            San Loco duh!!! Kidding.

            TP-1. they didn't mention that taxi cost was an issue.
            2. Rosa Mexicano blows (food and crowd)
            3. OP- if it is really important and since post wedding day, hire car and head to Cheen Huaye in North Miami Beach or even more hardcore Chapultepec in Hallandale

            1. re: The Chowfather

              Stay on the beach and go to Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar. It just opened up a couple of weeks ago and is much better than Rosa Mexicano.

        2. U gotta go to Espanola Way on South Beach! It's one hell of a block party and there are a few decent Taco Joints not too away in and around 13th Street & Washington Ave, including Alma Mexicana, Peppers Burrito Grill and Crazy Taco (that's if U need the cuisine to feel the spirit). There is also a Mexican Resto right on Espanola and Washington called Ooh Mexico (never been but the ownership IS Mexican). RIP RANCHO GRANDE (which wasn't so great but they did have the BEST Cinco de Mayo party)! The one on Espanola is awesome tho. It's like an authentic little Spanish Village with live mexy music and it's pure pedestrian. BY FAR your best bet.