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Feb 6, 2012 11:52 AM

Nice dinner in Richmond Sunday before Valentine's

As usual we are having babysitting woes, we had wanted to go out Saturday night but looks like it is going to be Sunday. And since Valentine's Day itself is also basketball practice for the boys, we won't be going out then (not to mention we avoid eating out on Valentine's Day and Mother's Day at the advise of our many friends in the restaurant biz)

I have seen a few threads of places open on Sunday, but some of those places no longer are open on a Sunday (or even still open); also I was hoping someone might know if other places that aren't normally open on Sunday might be open this year since Valentine's day is close. (But not counting on it)

Something not too raucous, that takes reservations, where we can talk and relax, and eat good food. Decent parking or valet is a plus.

Bookbinder's is out because my wife won't go there after they lost our anniversary reservation a few years back (stubborn woman!) Prefer not Can Can because the few times we have gone out have been mostly to can can.

Save us from going to Fleming's again, I would rather a local place.

So far the only place on my list is LeMaire (which hopefully wont mean I have to wear a suit ) though I don't see anything on the menu that great, but I am sure everything is nice there.

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  1. Six Burner is open on Sunday nights. I've had a few really good meals there. Not sure if it's what you are looking for, though.

    1. You no longer have to wear a suit to Lemaire....since their revamp several years ago, it's much less intimidating and much more user friendly.

      Millie's is one of our Sunday go-to places but they don't take reservations. Our experience is that it's not crowded at all on Sunday nights. Last time we ate there on Sunday, we stopped at The Boathouse at Rockett's Landing for a cocktail and there were a lot of people having dinner and/or drinks & apps and they take reservations and it has a nice atmosphere. I have not eaten there but what came out looked good and people seemed pleased.

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      1. re: Janet from Richmond

        thanks I knew I could count on you :)

        Speaking of Rockett's Landing, ever tried Conch Republic? Looks interesting, my wife might like it even though its not normally the kind of place we go to, it looks like it might be fun (fun? what is that lol )

        1. re: PenskeFan

          We have not! One friend tried and liked Boathouse better.

          1. re: Janet from Richmond

            i think food at both boathouse and conch republic is average at best. view is fabulous.

            1. re: AMFM

              Thanks for the info! Exactly what I needed to know. Those actually might be ok for a nice date night, though maybe when it is a little warmer out.

              Now that I am actually eating out more , and have a regular joint I go to for great eats, I don't need every meal to be a home run anymore. It can be average if the service and decor /view is good.

              I had suspected that about the Boathouse, since the food at the one in Midlothian was average/hit or miss; though they took care of us well and the view was pretty spectacular for Richmond anyhow :)

              1. re: AMFM

                totally agree with AMFM here. Go for drinks and the view, maybe an app, but if you're looking for a super delicious meal, go elsewhere.

        2. Not sure what side of town you're from, but in the West End, I'd recommend Eurasia or Patina Grill. Went back to Patina after a several year break, and had a great meal. Mezzanine is another Sunday spot, but I'd pick Six Burner over that every day!

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          1. re: nyctripper

            Hmm we have been to Patina recently, and we do enjoy it, it is one of our go to places. they have one table that is great for kids (sort of a big booth)

            Six Burner looks like it is definitely at the top of the class at the moment.

          2. oooh, we may try to get into Peter Chang's new place, I think they may be open Sunday, and we generally go to dinner very early. Bonus that is is closer to us. (Peter probably lives somewhere near us, lol)

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            1. re: PenskeFan

              I am interested in hearing about Peter Chang's new place!

              1. re: jeanmarieok

                I will be sure to share. I am somewhat excited by the prospect. I find it funny that it is in the Walmart plaza, I mean that is known for Wendy's, Taco Bell and Cap'n D's .

                I think that might be the point though - great food can happen anywhere.

                I beleive we shall save Conch Republic for the balmy breezes of early summer.