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Feb 6, 2012 11:40 AM

Carmel trip

It's been awhile for some reviews/opinions, so thought I'd check my dining itinerary for feedback.

2 Days/3 nights

Thinking for lunch Casanova and Corkscrew

Dinner: Passionfish, Cantinetta Luca, and Pacific's Edge (don't want to drive as far as Marinus)

What do y'all think?

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  1. Is this your first visit to the area? If so, I'd suggest different things to do and see and try to incorporate the dining and sightseeing together; ie a trip to Big Sur and lunch at Nepenthe or Sierra Mar.

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    1. re: Gail

      No, not first trip. We've eaten at Passionfish before and loved it. Think we'll do lunch in Big Sur after Carmel as we head down the coast.

      We want a day in Carmel to visit galleries and walk on the beach and then we were thinking of a partial wine tasting day in Carmel Valley, thus the lunch choices

      Does this info help?

      1. re: mousse

        We do a wine tasting day in CV and have lunch at Corkscrew on nearly every visit. My second choice lunch place would be Rustica. For tasting I would choose Georis, Talbott for Chards and Parsonage. Georis owns the Corkscrew and the tasting room is located in the backyard of the restaurant. You can purchase wine for your lunch there and they will not charge you corkage and its cheaper than on their list. Chateau Julien has an appealing tasting room, but the wine....not so much.
        Pacific Edge has been getting some mixed reviews lately I'm sorry to say since I'm a timeshare owner there. I'd at least go for sunset cocktails though.
        Casanova is owned by Georis too, but as charming as it looks, the menu hasn't done it for me. But I think I'm in the minority.
        I have not been to Continetta Luca.
        Are you interested in French? Normandie and Fifi's in Pacific Grove are very good. I would also suggest Bistro Moulin in Monterey.
        Have you been to the Mission Ranch? It's basic American fare serving dinner and Sun. brunch only. It also has a rather lively piano bar if that interests you.
        Lunch at the Market at the Highlands can be pleasant on a nice day. Their deck has a lovely ocean view. They serve breakfast too.
        Have you checked Yelp for some updated review?

        1. re: Gail

          I trust chowhound so much more than yelp or tripadvisor. Was hoping, since we're staying at the Tickle Pink Inn, to not drive up to Pac Grove or Monterrey for dinner on a couple of the nights and just go into Carmel. Also cuz I like the village so much at night. Piano bar would be big turnoff for chowhub, but how is the food? Thinking Sun-Tues nights, when we're there, will not be that lively.

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            mousse, I think you've got some great places lined up and they fit your plans. The Tickle Pink is great. We have always stayed on the second floor and loved it. The only rap on this place that I know of, is noise from overhead that won't bother you on the second floor. Also you are very close to the HI. I even think they have a room service agreement.

    2. I would do lunch at my fave Sierra Mar at Post Ranch Inn and then pick up some goodies at the Big Sur Bakery..
      Carmel, I love Passionfish for dinner and lunch I would do Cantinetta Luca..
      Drinks and app's at Pacific Edge..hit up Roy's on the 17 mile drive for the sunset bagpiper with app's/drinks.


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        Le St. Tropez in Carmel is very good. We dined there a couple of months ago and had their 3 course Prixe Fixe dinner. Very cozy ambiance. My new fave in this area is Restaurant 1833 in Monterey. We have dined there twice and it is outstanding! PortaBella in downtown Carmel is also very good along with Demetra Cafe. Wickets @ Bernardus Lodge is one of our favorites in Carmel Valley. :)

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          Beach Chick is right. Sierra Mar is great. Big Sur Bakery is also very nice, too. Though obviously completely different animals! Its been quite some time since I've dined at Pacific's Edge though the view hasn't changed.

          Cassanova is very good for lunch, we go there every time we are in Carmel. Grassings, too is very good.

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