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Feb 6, 2012 11:07 AM

DC baby-friendly favorite restaurants?

I'll be in DC for a biz trip, staying at Tyson's but will have a car and will travel. My husband and 9 month old will be joining me. We are looking for delicious finds throughout DC (farm-to-table/local-movement, innovative, interesting young chefs at the helm) that you think would be baby friendly. In this case you've either brought your baby with you or you've seen babies at the restaurant =) Price point doesn't matter. A restaurant in an interesting/safe area where we could walk around after/before would be a plus. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Tood Kliman, one of our local food critics for Washingtonian Magazine, recently wrote an excellent article about what it's like to be a food critic with a baby. In it he also included a list of child-friendly restaurants: http://www.washingtonian.com/articles....

    I personally don't have a child but I have friends with children. One place that actually worked
    out pretty well with one of my friends was Nage near Scott Circle. We went for lunch not dinner.

    My girlfriend has a 1 year old and she goes out often to the 14th Street restaurants with her daughter: Cork, The Standard, Masa 14, Rice have all been friendly and helpful to her.

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      Great ideas in the article! I don't have a baby, but have dined with a few. I always think that places that are a bit louder are good. Especially in the event that baby gets noisy or has a meltdown. In terms of the Washingtonian list I think Central fits that perfectly, especially b/c you're not looking for food for your 9-month old. Also, for the adults, the food is phenomenal. I recommend the gougeres, the burger, and the rabbit with spaetzle. Enjoy!

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        This is amazing. Exactly what I was looking for. I was actually going to write "No Chuck Cheese Please" in my post =) Thanks so much for your help!!

    2. Lists of restaurants that are baby friendly in the DC Metro area (including Tysons Corner) can be found at www.babyfriendlydc.com.

      1. I remember going to Brasserie Beck with my son when he was pretty small and they were super-nice.