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Feb 6, 2012 10:35 AM

What's to EAT around New Britain?

I have a friend who is moving to New Britain. So we want to know, what's good to eat up there?

I'm talking food of all sorts, bakeries, bars, ice cream parlors, groovy little mom & pops, whatever.

Where do you eat and drink in the area?

What do you eat and drink there?


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    1. re: brookerme

      I second Staropolska. The pierogi are just the best...outside of my MIL's of course.

      1. re: awm922

        Another vote for Staropolska's pierogi and dogs with meat sauce at Capitol Lunch. Go to the Roly Poly bakery for rye bread and traditional Polish sweet poppy seed bread. The Martin Rosol retail shop in the meat locker is a great stop too.

    2. Hi there. I dug up an old thread for you with some recommendations for Polish goodies:

      For the area, Great Taste (New Britain) serves up some tasty Chinese in a nice setting. It's not Lao Sze Chuan, but hey, what is?

      Watch for the Greek festival at the church near the Museum of American Art when it's Greek festival time: GALAKTOBOUREKO!

      Avery's Soda's is still on my "gotta get there" list and will be a fun field trip, I'm sure. Is it their half lemon/half lime I love the most, I think? Its bottle cap is split in two tastes like Ting, but even better.

      Not far from New Britain is Guida's in Middlefield. Get there on a Monday night (4 - 8 p.m.) for 2-for-1 hot dogs. Theirs are Rosols, proudly made in (hard hittin') New Britain. HA HA. Save room for a milkshake, too. Please make mine vanilla. I would about kill for one right this second and it's just a quick spin from me.

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      1. re: kattyeyes

        Capitol Lunch on Main St. for hot dogs.
        West Side Cafe or Pub on West Main St. dive bar with good food.
        Pizza Pal on S. Main St. for Greek pizza.
        Angelico's on E. Main St. for prime rib.
        Great Taste on W. Main St. for Chinese.
        theres plenty of great food within a 10 mile radius of New Britain.
        may I ask WHY your friend is moving to New Britain?

      2. Thank you so much one and all. So help me, we'll try all the suggestions. But I have a dangerous weakness for pierogi!