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Feb 6, 2012 10:15 AM

Juice Bars/Health Food Stores?

Visiting with my family later this week. At home, I make vegetable juice for my son. He loves it and it's way more nutritious than bottled orange or apple juice. Clearly I'm not packing my juicer on vacation but I'm wondering if there are juice bars that might offer tasty drinks. While Jamba Juice will work in a pinch, I'd prefer an outfit that doesn't specialize in the sugar-filled smoothies and has offerings beyond "carrot juice".

SImilarly, coffee stands that might carry almond or rice milk. I know my local Whole Foods has 3 all types of milk, including the non-dairy.

Staying near Arizona Mills/Tempe.


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  1. I suggest trying 24 Carrots Juice, located in northwest Chandler and only about a mile from that city's border with Tempe.

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      Thanks for the excellent recommendation, Exit. We did visit 24 carrots and it was exactly what I was looking for. The house made granola and quinoa (done like oatmeal) were awesome. Ended up chatting with the owner and it sounds like locally sourced foods and health are her passions.