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Muffaletta Sandwich [Westchester]

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Has anyone found a deli or other store selling great muffaletta sandwiches (New Orleans specialty) in or near Westchester County, NY?

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  1. sad to say, but westchester is very limited in what is offered, i don't think you will have any luck around here, if it is for a group and a splurge, i think the central market in new orleans will ship sandwiches- but the only way is to call, no internet

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      You think Westchester is uniquely limited in terms of muffaletta sandwiches? I'm not sure I've heard of a place in Manhattan that makes one, at least not a great one.

      Yum about Central Market, although I don't know if a shipped sandwich would survive all that well!

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        i have heard that the sandwich survives very well and that the time that it "ages" actually improves the sandwich. haven't tried it yet. as far as being limited, not referring just to muffeletta where you are correct, but good italian cold cut (heroes) are hard to find, mexican , a few hole in the walls, in port chester and new rochelle, still very few trucks or anything exotic but not outrageously so. even good burgers and dogs fairly priced

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          Agree from experience that the next day, the juices of the olive salad have permeated the bread and it's truly good eats. And that was a wrapped sandwich I brought home, they (at least then) would wrap it very securely for a flight.

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            This post may get moved to the Manhattan board - but The Delta Grill in Hell's Kitchen has muffaletta on their Po' Boy menu. Haven't tried it yet, but it's another cheaper option than a plane ride!

        2. Park Deli in PC used to have one on their menu, but I don't see it currently listed. You can try giving them a call.

          1. there is no GREAT muffaletta anywhere outside of NOLA

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              I totally agree! It may be time to head back to NOLA to have another beauty like this - Central Market, eaten in Jackson Square.

              1. Central Grocery's Olive Salad is available in jars for shipping. It ain't cheap, but cheaper than a plane ticket. There are recipes on-line as well if you're feeling ambitious.

                1. Mara's Homemade may have it, I don't know.

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                    Didn't know they'd opened up a Westchester branch. :)

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                      The subject line now specifies that... :-)