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Feb 6, 2012 09:47 AM

Where should I become acquainted with cheese and charcuterie?

Where should I become acquainted with cheese and charcuterie?

Never really ordered cheese and charcuterie. Where should I do it for the first time?

Sure, you can tell me about fancy versions, but less expensive, good quality recs would also be appreciated. And if you have specific cheeses and charcuterie I should order at those spots, that would be appreciated too…

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  1. Waterloo & City for charcuterie although I wouldn't order any of their food--it's not great, but I love their charcuterie boards. Meat and beer--it's all you need! AOC for cheese--they've got a great selection.

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      I will try both of these. thanks for the rec.

    2. my number one choice is FIG restaurant located in the Fairmont Hotel.
      the cheese and charcuterie guy's name is Eric.
      his station is set up at one end of the bar.
      he does both the ordering and the preparation of the food and has very deep knowledge about it.
      get there at the opening (5pm) and take the bar seat right in front of him( so that he will have a little time to consult with you before the orders start piling on. . . . )

      my number 2 choice is limited to italien cheese and charcuterie, and that is Obika mozzarella bar in century city.

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        This sounds fantastic, westsidegal. Am i correct that both of these places are on the pricey side? I'll try them, no doubt, but do you have other suggestions as well?

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          1) certainly FIG is not pricier than waterloo and city nor pricier than AOC (especially considering the TINY portions served at AOC). if you take the portion sizes into account, AOC is the most costly of the recommendations you've been given so far.

          2) the quality of the food at Fig is, imho, better than that of waterloo and city and the ambiance is far, far, better too.

          3) i don't exactly remember the prices at Obika, but i'm pretty sure they are in the same range of those at Fig, and are definitely lower than those at AOC.

      2. AOC came to mind first.
        Although it's only mozzarella, sitting at the cheese bar at Osteria Mozza would be a wonderful intro to cheese I think.

        For more casual or even takeaway to try at home, consider Cube, Joan's on Third, or the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills/Silverlake.

        1. as for charcuterie, the 2 best at the moment in my opinion is salt's cure and waterloo and city. both make all of their charcuterie in house and are very good.

          as for for cheese, fig was great the last time i went.

          1. If you're at all near the Pasadena/La Canada area I'd highly recommend a new place on Foothill Blvd in the heart of La Canada called Anthony's. He's got a wonderful selection of Spanish and Italian and French Charcuterie and takes the time to explain all the meats and cheeses and to supply samples. The cost is beyond reasonable and you can get it all as take out or sit in his very comfortable restaurant and enjoy it all with some great wines by the glass.