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Feb 6, 2012 09:42 AM

Trader Joe's February 2012 Fearless Flyer is out

Chocoloate Cheddar Cheese! I'm there today buying that! Could be the new Speculoos!


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  1. We used to get the Fearless Flyer delivered with our mail. And I poured over the circular before trips to TJs. Now it's only available on line. Navigation through the electronic edition quite simply, sucks.

    I've found my attraction to shopping at TJs has lagged since I've missed the print edition.

    1. I don't see "chocolate (or chocoloate) chedder cheese" in the flyer. Is it me?

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      1. re: L2k

        Sort of hard to find from the flyer - it is on their front page:

        1. re: RB Hound


          I used the search function and didn't see it. Thanks!

      2. The wasabi roasted seaweed snack has been around for awhile. A coworker described it as, "like being punched in the mouth by a good way!" If you like wasabi and nori, it's a must buy.

        1. tried the spinach and kale dip this weekend - i asked an employee for his opinion on it, if he had tried it. he hadn't, so he opened it right there for me. i'm not usually a fan of cold spinach dips, but i really liked this one. it's garlicky, and i could definitely taste the carrot. for 30 calories/2Tbsp, it came home with me.

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          1. re: jmacd

            I added this to my shopping list as soon as I saw the name. Can't wait to try it.

          2. I love it! Salty cheddar and sweet chocolate. Way more complex than my old after school snack of cheddar cheese and chocolate milk- a grownup version

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            1. re: brilynn79

              I picked some up yesterday and my wife and I tasted it and I thought it wasn't half bad, but not something I would buy again. There might be some interesting recipes if you melted it in something. My wife, who is a serious cheese head, hated it and could barely choke it down.



              1. re: brilynn79

                brilynn--are you saying you've tried it and you love it, or you love the concept? i love to try the new stuff at tj's, but i have to say that the very thought of this combo is turning my tummy a bit. will be curious to hear if the product matches your childhood taste treat!

                1. re: chez cherie

                  Like many things at TJ, I loved it and then I ate it again and did not love it as much.

                  Or it could just be that I am fickle...or a night shifter and things at work sometimes taste better than at home???

                  I still love the concept and do enjoy it but for $10 lb I much prefer my favorite Manchego from Whole Foods.

                  1. re: brilynn79

                    My wife and I were talking about this last night (yes, we are such Trader Joe's geeks we sit around and talk about their food!) and we thought if the chocolate was not sweet and was just cocoa powder it would have made for a better flavor.



                    1. re: clubtraderjoes

                      We bought the smallest one (.3 lbs), and agreed that the chocolate flavor was too strong.

                      Good experiment, though.

                2. re: brilynn79

                  I bought some chocolate cheddar last week and have had small bits each day. I really want to like it because when I am snacking, I'll eat bits of cheese, nuts, and chocolate separately. But I just don't like this product as good as it sounds. I'll finish this off in the next week, but there is little pleasure. Maybe I'll try melting it also.