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Chow-worthy near Scotiabank Place (Kanata/Ottawa) ??

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Visiting Ottawa in early April for a couple of days including one night of hockey at Scotiabank place. Browsing around it seems options are limited for good food in the area, but I figured I should ask the experts.

The game is at 7:30pm - looking for someplace good before the game that opens at a reasonable time to let us be there by the anthem or someplace open late enough after the game that we could eat after and simply have a snack before hand.



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  1. Here are my suggestions..... Fratelli's at Kanata Signature Center (very close to Scotiabank Place). Would need a reservation on a hockey night.

    I usually go to Cabotto's cabottos.com - it's a quick trip to the rink from there, nice atmosphere, old stone house, great food and a popular spot for pre game meals.

    1. You might also want to check out http://ottawafoodies.com/forum . It's more active than Chowhound for the Ottawa region.

      I haven't dined out in Kanata. In downtown Ottawa, I've always enjoyed meals at Domus in the Byward Market. Here's a recent Ottawa thread I found helpful: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/811765

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