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Feb 6, 2012 09:01 AM

Can't be found COOKIE recipe

Is it an Italian cookie, or not? I don't know - except that I have had the BEST from a Sicilian bakery! They are formed from a pastry bag - star tip and hold their shape in baking - are evenly browned ALL over - are super tender like a pile of sand held together by a little sweetness... I have tried making cookies with half butter / half shortening - some cornstarch and ALL confectioners sugar, and egg - and they are close but they spread more in baking and have some larger bubbles inside - Any suggestions?

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  1. On Nick Malgieri's website you will find a recipe for a cookie called Krumiri. It's a wonderful cookie, but doesn't come close for me to the authentic one. Similar to a shortbread cookie and even more-so to an Italian Bakery style butter cookie, very tender and difficult to pipe using the star M1 tip, but you might manage. The cornmeal gives these cookies plenty of character without dominating them. If you try this one you'll find it's very close to what you're looking for, but if not you chances are you will keep this recipe.

    Btw, you will have to increase baking time on this one to about 30 - 35 minutes, if 20 minutes is still what is posted it's not correct.

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      thanks - I am sure these are good - but still NOT the ones I am looking for. My target cookie is not yellow, and is a very fine texture - even though dry like sand. Shaped from the bag held vertical - just a little off the sheet - allowing the dough to spread about 2" and pile about 1/2 - 3/4" high in center. I will have to add a photo before I eat the next one!

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        These aren't yellow and have a VERY fine texture. I think you'll find it is very close. I have a different recipe similar to what you mention - these come closer.

        Btw if you find that the recipe that you are using is not holding its shape try using bread flour.

        1. re: lilgi

          Had to edit above, the bread flour is meant for the recipe that you're currently using, I might have mis-communicated. The Krumiri is a thick kneadable dough and holds it's shape.
          If you're looking at photos of Krumiri, as I said before the recipe I posted about doesn't come close - they are not yellow or similar to the photos you might have seen on the internet.

            1. re: pvironman

              Yes, as I'm rereading what I posted I thought I might be confusing you.

              I know you are not looking for Krumiri. The recipe that you posted from Nick's is very similar to a crumbly, tender, Italian bakery style cookie - even better - and I like using this recipe when I'm not making Krumiri. It's difficult to pipe through the star, you can make the round shape that you're looking for that way, but this is such an easy cookie to make you can probably try small logs of it and taste - you'll see. I would have whipped it up right now except I'm making a different one at the moment. When I do (soon) I can post a photo.

              If I'm following you, you've tried a recipe that's not working for you - spreading? I have one just like the one that you describe and it shouldn't spread like a disk if you're using bread flour and you can try increasing the flour a tiny bit.

              1. re: lilgi

                Just thought I'd post for you the ingredients from the other recipe that I think might be similar to yours - sandy cookies right?

                1 3/4 cups bread flour (or ap flour)
                1/2 cup cornstarch
                1/2 teaspoon salt
                1 stick (1/2 cup) butter
                1 stick (1/2 cup) leaf lard or Crisco (I use leaf lard)
                1 1/4 cups powdered sugar
                1 large egg
                2 egg yolks
                2 teaspoons vanilla

                1. re: lilgi

                  Apologies I was baking while I typed the ingredients above and I'm correcting below.

                  You need to use a gentle hand with the bread flour if you wanted to go that way.
                  For Nick's I don't do a mound, just a wreath type cookie squeezed through a star tip. They lose their shape and expand just a bit but not that much.

                  If not what you're looking for I thought it was worth mentioning - sometimes I come across the best info when I'm not really looking for it.

                  Above should read
                  1 stick (1/2 cup) butter and
                  1/2 cup leaf lard (or Crisco)