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Feb 6, 2012 08:42 AM

Please help me find a range top that will be a suitable replacement for the discontinued Wolf!

A friend of mine is building a house. Months ago, I went with her to an appliance showroom and she chose the 8 burner Wolf range top. Now that she is (finally) ready to order her appliances, we found out that it has been discontinued. They now only offer sealed burners. Not only that, but, in the sealed burner version, they don't offer an 8 burner model. What other brand might replace what she had originally chosen? What was nice about the Wolf was that each burner would go from low simmer to high heat. Also, everything came apart for deep cleaning. Any ideas?

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  1. I don't know if you can do this but I would probably get 30 inch induction and a 30 inch wolf sealed burner
    if you like the high heat a 30 inch BS for the Wolf
    if you want all gas a 30 inch BS and 30 inch Wolf.

    Some might opt for the Culinarian for the high end of heat.
    Low end is important to me so I like the sealed Wolf burners.
    If I were going to have 60 inches of cooking space, I would definitely want the best of both worlds.

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    1. re: wekick

      Thanks for replying! I did look at the BS website. It may be an option. The 8 burner Wolf, though was 48".

    2. Install the six-burner and the two-burner side-by-sise. Better yet, use a six-burner gas cooktop and a two-burner induction unit.

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      1. re: GH1618

        Six burner sealed? Apart from the cleaning issue, she's worried about ticking noises if moisture gets in. She currently has a viking gas cooktop and she often gets a ticking noise if any moisture gets in the burner. Is Wolf better with this?

          1. re: sherrib

            I don't know about Viking vs. Wolf, but have heard that Wolf is a better product. If open burners are a requirement, then perhaps another brand is required.

            1. re: GH1618

              Her open burner requirement is primarily for the ticking and secondly for ease of cleaning. If the sealed burner version doesn't tick and it isn't a big deal to clean, then it would have been an option except that they don't make it in an 8 burner unit. The only option, in that case would be to get a 6 burner unit with either a grill or griddle (neither of which she would ever use for intended purpose but might use as a pot warmer.)

              1. re: sherrib

                I've heard more people complain about ticking on the simmer burner when very low.

                1. re: wekick

                  That may be the case with hers as well. I can't remember now if she said that it happens when moisture gets in or if that's what I assumed. Either case, she prefers no tick. Does anyone know if the sealed Wolf range top is tickless? Yours never ticks? Not even on low?

                  1. re: sherrib

                    There may have been once in three years that it got damp and ticked briefly but cleared when it dried in a few minutes. It does not tick on low at all. There is a safety feature that it will tick to relight if the flame goes out and that is why you will get a tick on simmer on some burners or if the burner goes out for some other reason(That would be a necessary tick!).

        1. It's only been a few months - it's a pretty good bet that the exact model that you want is still in stock somewhere. I'd call around ...

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          1. re: jkling17

            Will try that. Why on earth would they discontinue it??

            1. re: sherrib

              Oh gosh if I know. I can't imagine needing more than 5-6. But ... I'm sure it would look super cool. I'd rather have something like 2 and 2 with a griddle/flattop or just a 5-6 burner unit. But ... hey it's all good. I'm sure that 8 unit looks super impressive. I wish you luck. I would really be surprised if there isn't ONE still in stock at a dealer or distributor.

              1. re: jkling17

                Apparently, no sub-zero/wolf products are allowed to be shipped out of state. This means I have to find one somewhere in NY (which I couldn't so far) or, somewhere close enough where it could easily be picked up (200 pounds easily). She may just end up with six burners and a griddle, but it's still worth a shot.