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Feb 6, 2012 08:10 AM

Best Restaurant in DIA's Jeppesen Terminal?

My best friend is showing up in Denver during a 3-hour layover. Not enough time to take her anywhere, really, but where is good to go IN the Jeppesen terminal? There's a bunch of places, but where can we get a decent lunch?


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  1. Hmm, that's a tough one; can't say that there's anything at DIA that really stands out for me. There's a Denver ChopHouse in the A Terminal - I've never been, but if it's on par with their other restaurants then it's probably a decent (if not great) lunch. There's also a Rock Bottom Brewery in C Terminal, which I've also never been to, but again probably OK for airport food. Otherwise, it's mostly takeout and typical airport bars. The gourmet airport food trend (that's hitting O'Hare and SFO right now, among others - I had one the best sandwiches of my life at Frontera Torta in O'Hare) hasn't hit DIA yet, unfortunately.

    1. If I read you correctly, none of the Terminal locations will work, because you won't be able to go through security. You can search for terminal restaurants here: Maybe the Boulder Beer Tap House?

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        Ah, good catch Dan. That's true - if you don't have a ticket, then your options are even more limited.

        Here's what I would do: go to a gourmet sandwich place or shop that does take-out (like Marzyck's, Dish Gourmet, Cured, Il Caffe, etc.), pick up a great packed lunch of cheeses, cured meats, prepared salads, sandwiches, etc., meet her in the terminal, find a quiet spot with some chairs, and have an airport picnic. Or check with one of the bars (like the Tap House) - maybe if you're ordering beer they'll let you eat your own food.

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          Oooh. Great suggestion! I'll check with her and see what she prefers.

      2. It takes 30 minutes to get from the plane to the terminal, and 30 minutes to get back to the gate which boards 30 minutes before the flight. That leaves about 90 minutes get someplace and back to the airport. That's pushing the envelope. If you really want to eat together, better bring something from outside to the airport because all that is available in the terminal in fast food basically.
        The alternative is to have her stop by on of the places on the concourse that she is landing on and bring the food OUT to you in the terminal. That gives you more choices.