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Feb 6, 2012 08:00 AM

PVD/RI * February '12 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

A bit late to start the threat, but here it is. Have at it...

My news: It looks like the Vietnamese restaurant on Angell near Thayer closed and is going to be replaced by... Guess it now... A pizza place! And tapas too... Because if there's one thing you can't find at all near Thayer, it's pizza <heavy sarcasm>. Is that pizza place number 5 or 6 for that little strip? People can't get financing for any businesses lately, but someone's bankrolling pizza joint number 6 within a 4 block radius? Ooook...

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  1. Not a restaurant, but a new food truck will be roaming the streets soon (tomorrow, according to their web site) - Rocket Fine Street Food.

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      Longtime neighborhood favorite "Mainelli's Restaurant" in Providence is gone; they apparently closed for good a few weeks ago. This restaurant was on the verge of closing in 2010, but then featured a year ago on 'Restaurant Impossible' on the Food Network to turn things around. Shortly after the ep ran a car drove through the side of the building. The most recent posting on their FB page says they may reopen at a new location in the future, in the meantime it instructs people to get refunds for gift certificates at There was a 'property auction' notice in the ProJo recently for the restaurant.

      "Meatball Mike's" on Cranston St. in Cranston was also shuttered, and their assets were auctioned off just a couple of weeks ago.

      "Gauchos do Brazil" on Jefferson Boulevard in Warwick is also closed, and the assets up for auction as well.

      "Angkor Express" on Smith St. closed right after they opened, it seems. I believe they opened in early January, and then closed about two weeks later. It looks like they cleared most of their stuff out the past week.

      "Europe Cafe" (or 'Cafe Europe'?) on Douglas Pike is also gone for good (re-opened and closed a number of times the past few months) and notices in the ProJo say it's up for auction as well.

      Tough times for restaurants, these days.

      On a brighter note, 'The Nat Porter Inn' is taking shape, and signs outside the historic building in Warren says they will be reopening soon. This comes shortly after the reopening of 'The Wharf Tavern' down the street from them.

    2. I believe the erstwhile 'pizza cone' store (that then branched into flat pizzas, calzones, gyros, and falafel) on Thayer has put up signs for "Sahara." No real indication, but the name suggests middle eastern flavors.

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        That pizza cone place was one of of a few in my years living in Providence that had very public aspirations of branching into national franchises that saw the founding stores flounder on the tough Thayer Street.

      2. I posted this as a sep. thread, but could anyone report on the closure of La Poblanita and if Don Gallo is still in operation?

        1. Gem Ravioli's new store on Mineral Spring Ave. in North Providence opened I think a week or so ago. Haven't had a chance to stop in yet. Saw a sign out front saying that they were taking only cash or checks at this time (that was on Feb. 12, could have changed or be changing soon). It's sort of kitty-cornered across the street from Twins Pizza. Looking forward to checking the place out soon.

          1. According to my wife, Mad Ernie's ice cream and sandwich shop has closed in Wayland Square, Providence... Sad, because the people working there were very nice, but...

            If true, it kinda goes to show that Providence is becoming a bit like NYC. The dining scene is so good, you can't be mediocre or just "show up" and thrive because there's a half dozen interesting places within a few minutes of you competing at a high level. In Mad Ernie's case, they were selling some pretty simple sandwiches when you could walk 30 feet away to L'Artisan (or previously to the Edge before it closed) and get some pretty sophisticated ofterings for nearly the same cost. The ice cream, too, was nothing special.

            Retail spots fill slowly in Providence, and Wayland Sq. is no exception. I wonder how long it'll take for something else to move in... (By the way, why is retail filling so slow here? In the Mass communities where I work, a storefront becomes vacant and it's filled within a month or two, even during these economic times)