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Feb 6, 2012 12:20 AM

Super Bowl Sunday: Second largest fresh produce sales of the year

Just learned from a friend of mine who knows about nearly everything related to produce markets that Super Bowl Sunday represents the biggest produce sales of the year, second only to Thanksgiving. He said, "Avocados, cherry and grape tomatoes. broccoli, celery, snap peas, salsa..... The tomatoes and peas come from Mexico. The broccoli and celery from Imperial Valley, CA and Yuma, AZ. Avocados from SoCal and Mexico. Been that way for almost twenty years..."

I found it interesting and thought others might too. Here are a few pieces on the subject.

"What Will American Eat on Super Bowl Sunday?"

"Perishables Group Reports on Super Bowl Weekend" Feb 4, 2011

"Super Bowl: Healthful Foods Need Not Apply"

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  1. Not everybody eats Buffalo wings.... ;)

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    1. re: ChefJune

      Ha! Buffalo wing consumption probably drives up celery sales.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I agree - I cut up lots of celery and carrots to go with the chicken wings.

    2. I made a kale Caesar salad and guacamole to wide applause. Both produce-centric items.

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      1. re: chicgail

        Nice going! As advocates for healthier food wonder how to inspire the American public to reach for veggies all year-round, the spike in produce sales is encouraging. Maybe more football is in order.

      2. I go along the lines as the last link you posted--that many more are bought than consumed. The veggie platter is ubiquitous but usually the one that is most full by the end, although I don't discount that salsa and guacamole are very popular but only as a means to eat the chips. Grapes and other fruits tend to be more popular. But, nothing competes with the chips, queso dips, buffalo wings, chili, etc. I wonder if we know the same produce people--I know quite a few from the largest produce companies in your area.