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Feb 6, 2012 12:11 AM

Lucky Sazerac 18 find - anyone else spotted any?

I was on my way to PA to visit family, and just happened to stop in a liquor store in a small WV town along Rte. 19 to see how prices were in that state - and what did I spot but a bottle of rarer-than-gold hen's teeth Sazerac 18 yr rye - 2009 nonetheless! At the official state price of $71. Right beside it were two bottles of Handy at the same price (which I had already ordered from PA's online store for $60) Sometimes state control is nice since the prevalent price online for the BT antiques this year has been $100, while NC also has it for $72.

I was wondering if I should have grabbed a couple more of the Handys at that price since I see past years listed on ebay for $175-200.

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  1. Alas no, I think I got Frugal's (just over the SC Border) last bottle of Pappy right after New Year's. They do have a new stand of harder to find bourbons and ryes, did not see if they had any of the 18.

    1. As a follow up - I found a bottle of Thomas Handy in Myrtle beach yesterday for $60 - and oddly enough on the shelf next to it was a bottle of eagle rare 17 yr - for $130!!

      1. This year has been a meek year for bars here in Boston getting their expected allotments of the Handy line. Many got less than they asked for or got last year and others got nothing. Some got a little success by threatening to cancel their orders for other products from the distillery including Rain Vodka and replace it with other brands' spirits. Word is that there is either not enough to go around to meet the demand in the world or perhaps it is just more regional. But needless to say, I have not seen the standard Handy line in liquor stores in MA or NH like I have in other years. Of all the products, I fear for my future access to George T. Stagg.

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          Has the 2012 line already been released?

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            I believe that happens in October-November each year.