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Finding Meyer Lemons

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I saw them at costco (can't remember the price off hand), but other than that I usually only shop at Asian stores and don't really see meyer lemons.

So my question is where do you find meyer lemons that are good quality? Where is the cheapest? Which has best value?

How often are they available?


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  1. They're at Highland Farms in Miss., maybe other stores, too? Not cheap.

    1. they're only available now and then for a reasonable period of time, not sure when exactly the season ends.

      you can get them at loblaws, fiesta, etc. i doubt you will ever find them at an asian store. the pricing is pretty much consistent across the board and they come in bags of 1lb.

      1. I got a pound for $2.99 at he Galleria Thronhill 2 weeks ago. Costco is about $7.99 for 3-4 pounds

        1. I picked up a 1lb bag in St. Lawrence Market ( lower level - can't remember name of shop) for $2.99.

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            If you get them where I get them, that's Harbourfront Foods. Lower level midway point from north to south on the east side of the building. I buy them individually since I don't go through large amounts. Soft as a baby's bottom, they are, in exterior texture and interior taste.

          2. Costco has them right now at the Billy Bishop Way store. I think the package had about 18 of them for about $7 or so. Loblaws has them right now too but I don't know the price. If you want to preserve them get the organic ones (since you'll be eating the peel where most of the pesticides are). Loblaws and Costco don't have the organic ones but The Big Carrot does and they are not cheap.

            1. They had big bags of them on sale at Fortino's at Lawrence Plaza yesterday.

              1. The Cheese Boutique had some.

                1. They were also a Longo's at New Year's, but not as cheap as Costco.

                  1. seen them at Loblaw's too - I still like the Costco variety better : sweeter by far.

                    1. I saw them yesterday at the fruit and veggie shop, located at Windermere and Bloor. I believe that the price was 5 for $2.99 .

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                        Lsat weekend, the 1lb bags were 2.99 at Cheese Boutique. The quality was very good.

                      2. I'm not suggesting you make a special trip, but if you find yourself near the border, skip over to Niagara Falls, NY. Tops has the same 1lb bag for $0.99.

                        1. Sunny Supermarket. Saw them this last weekend, but didn't note the price - they looked beautiful. Sunny's prices are always excellent so I'm sure you won't beat them...

                          1. Grant's Food Mart (Asian grocery) in Mississauga had them about 2 weeks ago. Around $3 for a 1lb bag.

                            1. bought a bag of 6 at Sobeys in East York for, i think, $2.99

                              1. I've bought them at Galati (Leslie and Cummer) before but can't remember the price.

                                1. Fiesta Farms (on Christie between Bloor & Dupont) has them right now, not sure of the price but Fiesta has great produce, a lot of organic, reasonably priced. Plus they're a small, Canadian, family owned operation (as opposed to part of a chain) if that's a factor.

                                  1. Just saw them at Galati on Leslie, just north of Finch

                                    1. Organic meyer lemons are available at Golden Orchard in the St. Lawrence Market (upper level, west wall). Lovely, big ones. Can't remember the price.

                                      1. what i want to know is where i can find a meyer lemon plant to grow at home?

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                                          You probably won't be able to grow one at home unless you have a green house. They are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange so they need a very temperate environment. You can grow them inside as they are fairly small but I think you would have some trouble keeping up the sun levels and such. This may help though!

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                                            are there any nurseries in the GTA that sell them? i've heard that in past years, they were occasionally available in the city.

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                                              I gave up looking locally and got one online, probably from henry fields (can't remember now). It doesn't particularly like being inside over the winter near a north facing window, but it more than makes up for that lack of progress over the summer on the patio. It tends to drop leaves with temperature fluctuations, but it does bloom profusely in winter with just the tiniest hint of fertilizer. I haven't let mine set fruit yet.

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                                                saw them recently at humber nurseries but they cost quite a bit.. $50 or so for a fairly large plant. i'm looking for something smaller and cheaper for now..

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                                            My colleague bought one at Terra Greenhouses in Burlington. He said they get something like 150 trees per year.

                                          3. Has anyone seen meyer lemons yet this year?

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                                              T & T had them a couple of weeks back.

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                                                I've been seeing them in all of the major grocery stores in Burlington for a few weeks now.

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                                                  Just bought a big package at Billy Bishop Costco yesterday for $7.59. Just make sure that if you using them to make preserved lemons that you buy organic ones (which Costco does not have) as you are going to end up eating the peel.