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Feb 5, 2012 06:25 PM

private room for 15-20 people at a restaurant


here's the deal.

I'll be celebrating my mom's 54th anniversary in early March.

My out of town family will be driving to Mtl that day so we need to have brunch or meet for lunch.

A private room would be great.

I'm looking either for lunch or brunch.

Nothing too fancy or too 'hip' since everyone there will be 65 and +

we need to be able to hear each other talk.

Food has to be good however nothing particularly outstanding since we'll all be talking so much (food will get cold etc).

no indian or sushi.

gosh, I pray that someone will be able to assist.

I was thinking of Café Birks, but not sure. been there, I think it'd be ok - just awaiting other suggestions.

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  1. cafe birks seems too open for what you want, ;lauriergordonramsay has a rental room above so you might want to call to see if thats of interes; I think there is a separate entrance but there are stairs which could be a problem. There is comfort food but also chicken.

    Family members have used the private room at auberge saint- gabriel in old montreal which could be another possibility but I am not sure of their opening hours

    It also depends on how many people you are expecting to be present and are stairs going to be an issue, many of these rooms are upstairs

    there is another link on this site with same inquiry

    1. Communion in the Old Port has a private room, equiped with A/V equipment if you need. The brunch is great. I don't know if they do lunch.

      1. The Beaver Club has a room for 25. Bonaparte's low end for their private room is 20. Da Vinci has a space for 25. Fourquet Fourchette has a room for 20 and another for 28. Gibby's low end is 20 people. Graziella can handle a crowd as low as 8 in a separate room. Milos has a room for 20. Osco has a room for 14 (in case one person backs out...) Sho-Dan, Toque and Vieux Port Steakhouse also have rooms that can handle a crowd that size. I make no claims about the food at any of them, although I am fond of the Beaver Club and Graziella.

        If anyone is interested in the full list (which is not complete) I pulled it from the Conservus newsletter