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Feb 5, 2012 05:38 PM

Virgin Gorda

Hi -

Myself and the future Mrs. BigTime will be honeymooning on Virgin Gorda in October. What are the must eats? Also, any recommendations and places to visit are much appreciated.

Mr. BT

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  1. We were on VG in 2009 so my info is dated but we had two very nice lunches at Little Dix. The first was a buffet. Now, I normally avoid buffets but this was very good. There were many West Indian dishes like conch and curries of various sorts (veg options) as well as stations where you could get proteins (hamburgers, local fish, veggies) grilled to order. The other was at a different dining spot on the resort, I can't remember the name but the food was good, as was the view.

    We enjoyed the Mine Shaft (casual) and the upstairs restaurant at Leverick but none of the other restaurants stand out in my memory. (They were all "good enough")

    October is off season so you might need to really plan ahead as I suspect lots of places may be closed.

    1. One of the most romantic evenings I remember is dancing under the moon (wasn't live music) at Biras Creek after a wonderful meal. Hope it's still the same.

      1. SO & I go to Virgin Gorda almost every winter. We usually stay at Biras Creek. Their restaurant is open to the public for dinner & is probably the best place to eat in the area. Check out Saba Rock. Fun place, great waitstaff & just a relaxed atmosphere.

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          We were at Saba Rock when Bert owned it - true story, a friend of ours was bare boating and anchored at the Bitter End. He dinghied up to this place, walked in and shouted "where's the bar" - it was Bert's home and it was NOT open as a bar/restaurant at that point. He offered our friend a drink and said that he really should think about opening up a bar.......the rest is history.

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            Thanks for the tips! I'm going to keep looking. My SO doesn't want a trip full of activities, however I do want to plan ahead for a few good meals.

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              We love Virgin Gorda....Top of the Baths for a late lunch of coconut shrimp and conch fritters......Saba Rock for lunch, great fish tacos, take the free ferry from Gun Creek.....Little Dix for their Monday night seafood buffet......Fat Virgin, again take the free Biras Creek Ferry....Visit the Baths after the day trippers are gone, Hike up Gorda Peak, Snorkel and swim at Savannah Beach, Spring Bay and Mahoe Bay. Check out

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                NCARA, We rented a house at the end of March. Did you find anywhere to buy fresh seafood or a store with higher end foods (gourmet deli, etc?)

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                  No place that we saw for fresh seafood...there are alot of small grocery stores...nothing gourmet, but very good variety compared to what we saw several years ago....just visit all of the stores and will take only 30 minutes to get to all of them

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                    Jacobsst - If you house comes with a housekeeper (many on VG do) ask her about a seafood source. When we were there in 2009, there were a few men selling fish down by the marina.

                    Granted, it has been three years but we had a hard time feeding ourselves out of the VG grocery stores. (I admit we are a picky group)

                    We had the house provisioned by Bobby's and I was very pleased with that service.

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                      There are plenty of options now for shopping and a large variety of food items. You will not have a problem...granted it is going to cost a little more.

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                        NCARA -

                        Thanks for the great recommendations. Only a couple of weeks until I head there, I am looking forward to some great meals. The meal that stuck with me the most the last time I was in the Caribbean (Nassau) was a simple breakfast of grits and sardines. Easy, local, and a wonderful flavor profile. Hopefully I can add some more this time, and I definitely look forward being able to provide some recommendations to the next ChowHounder that travels there.

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                          Just remember you are really on Island Time in VG. We used to go down there to sail every year and I would always put a couple of days on the front to get myself calmed down so the VERY leisurely b-fast, etc. wouldn't bother me.